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Proteases, also known as peptidases or proteolytic enzymes, consists of a large number of enzymes catalyzing the hydrolysis of peptide bonds and subsequently resulting in the degradation of protein substrates into amino acids. Proteases are involved in a wide range of human diseases, including cancer, neurodegenerative disorders, inflammatory diseases and cardiovascular diseases. Thus numerous proteases inhibitors (small molecules and proteins) have been identified to block activity of proteases. Proteases inhibitors can be classified into different types based on the class of proteases they inhibit through two general mechanisms, irreversible “trapping” reactions and reversible tight-binding reactions. Proteases inhibitors have been used as diagnostic or therapeutic agents for the treatment of proteases-related diseases.

Products for  Proteases

  1. Cat.No. Product Name Information
  2. GC49629 6β-hydroxy Prednisolone A metabolite of prednisolone
  3. GC41183 α-Carotene

    α-Carotene is a precursor of vitamin A that has been found in various fruits and vegetables.

  4. GC45204 α-Ecdysone

    α-Ecdysone is a prohormone of 20-hydroxy ecdysone, an insect-molting, ecdysteroid hormone.

  5. GC45208 α-hydroxy Metoprolol α-hydroxy Metoprolol is an active metabolite of the β1-adrenergic receptor blocker metoprolol.
  6. GC48948 α-Ketoglutaric Acid (sodium salt)
  7. GC40718 α-Muricholic Acid

    α-Muricholic acid is a murine-specific primary bile acid.

  8. GC40480 α-Phenyl-α-(2-pyridyl)acetonitrile α-Phenyl-α-(2-pyridyl)thioacetamide, also known as antigastrin and SC-15396, is an inhibitor of gastric acid secretion.
  9. GC38287 α-Pyridone

    α-Pyridone 是一种内源性代谢产物。

  10. GC38000 β-Boswellic acid β-Boswellic acid 是从乳香 Boswellia serrate 的树胶脂中分离出来的。β-Boswellic acid 是 5-脂氧合酶 (5-LO) 产物形成的非还原型抑制剂,其直接与 5-LO 相互作用或阻断其易位。β-Boswellic acid 抑制人白血病 HL-60 细胞中 DNA,RNA和蛋白质的合成。
  11. GC63275 β-Cryptoxanthin β-Cryptoxanthin ((3R)-β-Cryptoxanthin) 是从萨摩橘中分离的一种含氧类胡萝卜素,也是有效的抗氧化剂。β-Cryptoxanthin 具有抗应激作用。
  12. GC40777 β-D-Glucose

    D-Glucose, a naturally occurring monosaccharide found in plants, is the primary energy source for living organisms.

  13. GC40719 β-Muricholic Acid A murine-specific primary bile acid
  14. GC38010 γ-Aminobutyric acid

    γ-Aminobutyric acid (4-Aminobutyric acid) 是成年哺乳动物大脑中主要的抑制性神经递质,能够与离子移变 GABA 受体 (GABAA) 受体和促代谢受体 (GABAB) 受体结合发挥作用。

  15. GC63279 γ-Glu-Gly TFA γ-Glu-Gly 是一种 γ-谷氨酰二肽,是一种人体脂质代谢物。γ-Glu-Gly 与 GABA (γ-氨基丁酸)结构相似,可作为兴奋性氨基酸的拮抗剂。
  16. GC40790 γ-Linolenic Acid ethyl ester γ-Linolenic acid (GLA) is an ω-6 fatty acid which can be elongated to arachidonic acid for endogenous eicosanoid synthesis.
  17. GC38011 γ-Secretase modulator 4 γ-Secretase modulator 4 是一种有效的 γ- 分泌酶调节剂 (γ-secretase),在人类和小鼠中降低 Aβ42 产生的 IC50 值分别为 0.014 μM 和 0.017 μM。
  18. GC15975 α-Estradiol Endogenous estrogen receptor ligand
  19. GC30187 γ-Glu-Phe (γ-Glutamylphenylalanine) γ-Glu-Phe是在酸面团中发现的γ-3谷氨酰二肽。
  20. GC41552 ω-3 Arachidonic Acid ω-3 Arachidonic acid is a rare PUFA found in trace amounts in dietary sources.
  21. GC40259 (±)-β-Tocopherol (±)-β-Tocopherol is a lipid-soluble form of vitamin E with antioxidant activity.
  22. GC40260 (±)-γ-Tocopherol (±)-γ-Tocopherol is a form of vitamin E with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.
  23. GC41661 (±)-4-hydroxy Propranolol β-D-Glucuronide (±)-4-hydroxy Propranolol β-D-glucuronide is a metabolite of (±)-4-hydroxy propranolol, which is a metabolite of propranolol.
  24. GC34961 (±)-BI-D (_plusmn_)-BI-D是HIV整合酶(integrase)变构抑制剂,作用于整合酶与LEDGF/p75结合部位。
  25. GC46284 (±)-Cotinine-d3
  26. GC41670 (±)-Epinephrine (hydrochloride) (±)-Epinephrine is a natural neurotransmitter that is released from the adrenal medulla and activates adrenoceptors (Kis = 15, 735, and 3,970 nM for α1A-, β2-, and β1-adrenergic receptors, respectively).
  27. GC41671 (±)-Equol 4'-sulfate (sodium salt)

    (±)-Equol 4'-sulfate is a gut-mediated phase II metabolite of the isoflavonoid phytoestrogen (±)-equol.

  28. GC41315 (±)-Ketoprofen Glucuronide (±)-Ketoprofen glucuronide is a phase II metabolite of the non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) ketoprofen.
  29. GC38369 (±)-Leucine (±)-Leucine 是一种内源性代谢产物。
  30. GC49875 (±)-N-desmethyl Venlafaxine (hydrochloride) A minor active metabolite of venlafaxine
  31. GC39271 (±)-Naringenin (±)-Naringenin 是一种天然类黄酮。(±)-Naringenin 通过激活肌细胞中 BKCa通道对内皮剥脱血管起血管舒张作用。
  32. GC13890 (±)-Palmitoylcarnitine chloride intermediate in mitochondrial fatty acid oxidation
  33. GC40229 (±)-Warfarin-d5 (±)-Warfarin-d5 is intended for use as an internal standard for the quantification of warfarin by GC- or LC-MS.
  34. GC41649 (±)13-HODE cholesteryl ester (±)13-HODE cholesteryl ester was originally extracted from atherosclerotic lesions and shown to be produced by Cu2+-catalyzed oxidation of LDL.
  35. GC19444 (±)20-HDHA
  36. GC40828 (±)5-HETE lactone (±)5-HETE lactone is a cyclic ester formed by acid-catalyzed nucleophilic addition of the C-5 hydroxyl to the C-1 carboxyl of (±)5-HETE.
  37. GC40442 (±)8-HETE (±)8-HETE is one of the six monohydroxy fatty acids produced by the non-enzymatic oxidation of arachidonic acid.
  38. GC40801 (±)9(10)-DiHOME Leukotoxin is the 9(10) epoxide of linoleic acid, generated by neutrophils during the oxidative burst.
  39. GC41666 (±)9-HODE cholesteryl ester (±)9-HODE cholesteryl ester was originally extracted from atherosclerotic lesions and shown to be produced by Cu2+-catalyzed oxidation of LDL.
  40. GC30586 (±) Anabasine (±)Anabasine是一种肌肉松弛剂,可用于外科手术时肌肉松驰。
  41. GC61647 (+)-Longifolene (+)-Longifolen是一种倍半萜类化合物,也是一种家兔体内的代谢物。(+)-Longifolen在兔子体内转化为伯醇、仲醇或叔醇,其中以伯醇为主。
  42. GC10675 (+,-)-Octopamine HCl adrenoceptor agonist
  43. GC45245 (-)-Caryophyllene oxide (-)-Caryophyllene oxide is a bicyclic sesquiterpene and a metabolite of β-caryophyllene that has been found in C.
  44. GC17470 (-)-Cotinine α3/α6β2 nAChR activator
  45. GC17242 (-)-epigallocatechin green tea epicatechin
  46. GC14049 (-)-Epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) Antioxidant, antiangiogenic and antitumor agent
  47. GC31620 (-)-Fucose (6-Desoxygalactose) (-)-Fucose是己糖中的一种,在AB血型抗原亚型结构的决定、选择素-介导的白细胞内皮粘附以及宿主-微生物相互作用中发挥作用。
  48. GC34951 (-)-Menthol (-)-Menthol 是薄荷油的关键成分,(-)-Menthol 结合并激活瞬瞬时受体电位 M8 (TRPM8),TRPM8 是 Ca2+-可渗透的非选择性阳离子通道,最终增加 [Ca2+]i。 具有抗肿瘤活性。
  49. GC45252 (-)-Sitagliptin Carbamoyl Glucuronide (-)-Sitagliptin carbamoyl glucuronide is a minor phase II metabolite of the dipeptidyl peptidase 4 (DPP-4) inhibitor (-)-sitagliptin.
  50. GC18622 (2'S)-Nicotine-1-oxide (2'S)-Nicotine-1-oxide is a metabolite of nicotine .
  51. GC38299 (2-Aminoethyl)phosphonic acid (2-Aminoethyl)phosphonic acid 是一种内源性代谢产物。

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