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Bioactive Screening Libraries are ready-to-use chemical libraries used for drug discovery, lab drug screening, drug target identification, and other pharmaceutical-related applications. They are available for high-throughput screening (HTS) and high-content screening (HCS).

·The libraries consist of over 5,000 small molecules with validated biological and pharmacological activities. The solubility, purity and stability of the compounds are also proved. Safety and effectiveness of the compounds has been demonstrated by literature, preclinical and clinical research, and many compounds are FDA-approved.

·The collections of unique small molecules, which include inhibitors, antagonists and agonists. These compounds focused on hundreds of targets that are part of more than 20 signaling pathways or research areas, which include DNA Damage/DNA Repair, Cell Cycle/Checkpoint, JAK/STAT Signaling Pathway, MAPK Signaling Pathway, GPCR/G protein, Angiogenesis, Immunology/Inflammation, Endocrinology and Hormones, Cancer Biology, Metabolism, Stem Cell, etc.

·We also provide customized bioactive screening libraries that allow you to choose the compounds, the sizes, the quantities, the format (powder or solution) and plate map you want in the library.

Products for  Screening Libraries

  1. Cat.No. 产品名称 Information
  2. GL10031 Human Endogenous Metabolite Compound Library 548种人类内源代谢物化合物的独特集合,以冻干粉末或预溶解DMSO溶液形式提供。
  3. GL10030 Anti-Virus Compound Library 264种抗病毒化合物的独特集合,以冻干粉末或预溶解DMSO溶液形式提供。
  4. GL10029 Ubiquitination Compound Library 144种泛素化化合物的独特集合,以冻干粉末或预溶解DMSO溶液形式提供。
  5. GL10028 Inhibitor Library 2525种独特的抑制剂集合,用于高通量筛选(HTS)和高内涵筛选(HCS)。
  6. GL10027 Angiogenesis Library 84种小分子化合物的独特集合,用于血管生成研究。
  7. GL10019 Anti-diabetic Compound Library 110种抗糖尿病小分子化合物的独特集合,用于糖尿病研究。
  8. GL10025 TGF-beta/Smad Compound Library 88种TGF-β/Smad抑制剂的独特集合,用于TGF-β/Smad信号通路研究。
  9. GL10024 NF-κB Signaling Compound Library 178种用于NF-κB信号通路研究的NF-κB抑制剂的独特集合。
  10. GL10023 MAPK Inhibitor Library 117种用于MAPK信号通路研究的MAPK抑制剂的独特集合。
  11. GL10022 Immunology/Inflammation Compound Library 806种小分子化合物的独特集合,用于免疫学/炎症研究。
  12. GL10021 JAK/STAT Compound Library 109种JAK/STAT抑制剂的独特集合,用于JAK/STAT信号通路研究。
  13. GL10020 Stem Cell Compound Library 280种用于干细胞研究的干细胞相关化合物的独特集合。
  14. GL10026 Natural Product Library 1170种天然产物的独特集合,用于高通量筛选(HTS)和高内涵筛选(HCS)。
  15. GL10018 Histone Modification Library 157种用于组蛋白研究的组蛋白修饰相关化合物的独特集合。
  16. GL10017 Cell Cycle Library 449种细胞周期相关化合物的独特集合,用于细胞周期研究。
  17. GL10016 Apoptosis Compound Library 643种细胞凋亡相关化合物的独特集合,用于细胞凋亡研究。
  18. GL10015 Protease Inhibitor Library 825种蛋白酶抑制剂的独特集合,用于高通量筛选(HTS)和高内涵筛选(HCS)。
  19. GL10014 PI3K/Akt/mTOR Compound Library 178种PI3K/Akt/mTOR抑制剂的独特集合,用于PI3K/Akt/mTOR信号通路研究。
  20. GL10013 DNA Damage/Repair Library 481种DNA损伤/DNA修复相关化合物的独特集合,用于DNA损伤/DNA修复研究。
  21. GL10012 Metabolism-related Compound Library 1205种用于代谢研究的代谢相关化合物的独特集合。
  22. GL10011 Autophagy Compound Library 837种用于自噬研究的自噬相关化合物的独特集合。
  23. GL10010 Ion Channel Compound Library 350种离子通道相关化合物的独特集合,用于高通量筛选(HTS)和高内涵筛选(HCS)。
  24. GL10009 Epigenetics Compound Library 328个表观遗传学相关小分子的独特集合,用于表观遗传学研究。
  25. GL10008 Tyrosine Kinase Inhibitor Library 369种酪氨酸激酶抑制剂的独特集合,用于高通量筛选(HTS)和高内涵筛选(HCS)。
  26. GL10007 Anti-infection Compound Library 663个抗感染小分子的独特集合,用于抗感染研究。
  27. GL10006 Neuronal Signaling Library 948个神经信号相关小分子的独特集合,用于神经科学研究。
  28. GL10005 GPCR Compound Library 677个GPCR相关小分子的独特集合,用于GPCR筛选。
  29. GL10004 Kinase Inhibitor Library 796种激酶抑制剂的独特集合,用于高通量筛选(HTS)和高内涵筛选(HCS)。
  30. GL10003 Anti-cancer Compound Library 1777种抗癌化合物的独特集合
  31. GL10002 Bioactive Compound Library 4417种生物活性化合物的独特集合
  32. GL10001 FDA-approved Drug Library 2819种药典中收录的批准药物和API的独特集合,用于高通量筛选(HTS)和高内涵筛选(HCS)。

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