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Aminopeptidases are a group of enzymes widely distributed among bacteria, fungi, animals and plants that catalyze the cleavage of amino acids from the amino terminus of protein or peptide substrates through hydrolysis of peptide bonds near the N-terminal end of a polypeptide chain.  Most aminopeptidases are assembled by relatively high mass (50kDa) subunits exhibiting multimeric structures, whereas some are monomeric. The majority of aminopeptidases are zinc metalloenzymes and hence inhibited by the transition-state analog bestatin.  Aminopeptidases have been found in many subcellular organelles as well as in cytoplasm and membrane, where they are involved in diverse proteolytic pathways and play an essential role in protein maturation, degradation of non-hormonal and hormonal peptides and possibly determination of protein stability.

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  2. GC67997 Aminopeptidase-IN-1 Aminopeptidase-IN-1 (compound 16o) 是一种有效的胰岛素调节氨肽酶 (IRAP) 抑制剂,Ki 为 7.7 μM。Aminopeptidase-IN-1 可用于研究认知和记忆障碍。
  3. GC63435 LTA4H-IN-1


    An inhibitor of LTA4 hydrolase
  4. GC62113 Firibastat

    QGC001; RB150

    Firibastat (QGC001) 是一种口服活性的 EC33 前体药物。Firibastat 是一种首创的脑氨基肽酶 A (APA) 抑制剂 (Ki=200 nM),选择性和特异性地抑制高血压大鼠脑血管紧张素 II 转化为血管紧张素 III,并降低血压。
  5. GC36733 NGR peptide Trifluoroacetate


    NGR peptide Trifluoroacetate 是含有天冬酰胺-甘氨酸-精氨酸 (NGR) 基序的肽,NGR peptide (NGR 肽) 可靶向肿瘤新生血管上皮细胞特异过量表达的 CD13 受体。
  6. GC35499 Bestatin trifluoroacetate

    乌苯美司三氟乙酸盐; Ubenimex trifluoroacetate

    An aminopeptidase inhibitor
  7. GC42777 Amastatin (hydrochloride)


    An aminopeptidase inhibitor
  8. GC34613 HFI-142 HFI-142是胰岛素调节性氨基肽酶(IRAP)抑制剂,ki值为2.01μM。
  9. GC18471 DG-051 An LTA4 hydrolase inhibitor
  10. GC16829 Arphamenine B (hemisulfate) An inhibitor of aminopeptidase B
  11. GC13454 L-Leucine 4-methoxy-β-naphthylamide (hydrochloride)


    An aminopeptidase substrate
  12. GC12732 TNP-470

    O-(氯乙酰氨甲酰基)烟曲霉素醇,AGM-1470|O-(Chloroacetyl-carbamoyl) Fumagillol|NSC 642492

    An inhibitor of angiogenesis
  13. GC16350 Actinonin

    放线酰胺素,(-)-Actinonin,Ro 06-1467

    An aminopeptidase inhibitor
  14. GC15577 Bestatin hydrochloride

    盐酸乌苯美司; Ubenimex hydrochloride

    An aminopeptidase inhibitor
  15. GC18011 SC 57461A


    A potent, orally active inhibitor of LTA4 hydrolase
  16. GC12358 Fumagillin

    烟曲霉素; Amebacilin; NSC9168

    A fungal metabolite with diverse biological activities
  17. GC10171 Puromycin aminonucleoside

    氨基核苷嘌呤霉素; NSC 3056

    A glomerular epithelial cell toxin

  18. GC10406 Tosedostat (CHR2797)


    An aminopeptidase inhibitor
  19. GC11780 Bestatin

    乌苯美司; Ubenimex

    An aminopeptidase inhibitor

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