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Cell Cycle/Checkpoint

Cell Cycle

Cells undergo a complex cycle of growth and division that is referred to as the cell cycle. The cell cycle consists of four phases, G1 (GAP 1), S (synthesis), G2 (GAP 2) and M (mitosis). DNA replication occurs during S phase. When cells stop dividing temporarily or indefinitely, they enter a quiescent state called G0. read more

Products for  Cell Cycle/Checkpoint

  1. Cat.No. Product Name Information
  2. GC14526 CGK733 ATM/ATR inhibitor,potent and selective
  3. GC14650 CGP60474 CDKs and PKC inhibitor, potent
  4. GC15739 CHIR-124 Chk1 inhibitor,novel and potent
  5. GC17254 CHR-6494 Haspin inhibitor,potent ands selective
  6. GC16097 chroman 1 ROCK II inhibitor, highly potent and selective
  7. GC12352 cis-trismethoxy Resveratrol anti-mitotic drug
  8. GC15894 CK-636 Arp2/3 complex inhibitor
  9. GC13261 Colchicine Tubulin Inhibitor
  10. GC16489 CP-466722 ATM inhibitor,potent and reversible
  11. GC18028 CVT-313 Cdk2 inhibitor
  12. GC11252 CW069 allosteric inhibitor of HSET, selective
  13. GC15106 CYC116 Potent Aurora A/B inhibitor
  14. GC13268 Cyclapolin 9 PLK1 inhibitor
  15. GC11383 CYT997 (Lexibulin) Potent microtubule polymerization inhibitor
  16. GC10870 Cytochalasin J alters mitotic spindle microtubule organization and kinetochore structure
  17. GC12384 D-64131 Tubulin polymerization inhibitor
  18. GC15217 Danusertib (PHA-739358)

    Pan-aurora kinase inhibitor

  19. GC11835 Deferasirox Oral iron chelator
  20. GC17648 Dinaciclib(SCH727965) Potent CDK inhibitor
  21. GC16684 Docetaxel

    Microtubulin disassembly inhibitor

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