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RAD51 is a protein that contributed to homologous recombination and DSB (DNA double-strand break) repair in the DNA damage response pathway. It is associated with genome instablility and tumorgenesis.

  1. Cat.No. 产品名称 Information
  2. GC67888 RAD51-IN-5
  3. GC65935 CAM833
  4. GC65383 RAD51-IN-2
  5. GC63165 RAD51-IN-1
  6. GC62128 Bractoppin Bractoppin 是人 BRCA1 tBRCT 结构域识别磷酸肽的抑制剂,IC50 为 74 nM。
  7. GC33362 Amuvatinib hydrochloride (MP470 hydrochloride) A multi-targeted RTK inhibitor
  8. GC32912 IBR2
  9. GC19306 RAD51 Inhibitor B02 A RAD51 inhibitor
  10. GC16265 RS-1 A RAD51 activator
  11. GC12752 RI-2 A RAD51 inhibitor
  12. GC18140 RI-1 A RAD51 inhibitor
  13. GC16391 Amuvatinib (MP-470, HPK 56) A multi-targeted RTK inhibitor

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