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c-Myc is a multifunctional, nuclear phosphoprotein that plays a role in cell cycle progression, apoptosis and cellular transformation.

  1. Cat.No. 产品名称 Information
  2. GC65331 IZCZ-3
  3. GC65188 IRES-C11
  4. GC64562 VPC-70619
  5. GC63576 10074-A4
  6. GC62594 hnRNPK-IN-1
  7. GC62287 EN4 EN4, a covalent ligand that targets cysteine 171 (C171) of MYC, is selective for c-MYC over N-MYC and L-MYC. EN4 inhibits MYC transcriptional activity, downregulates MYC targets, and impairs tumorigenesis.
  8. GC61870 NY2267
  9. GC61014 Lusianthridin
  10. GC60259 MYCMI-6
  11. GC38845 sAJM589
  12. GC38589 MYCi361 MYCi361 is a MYC inhibitor that engages MYC inside cells, disrupts MYC/MAX dimers, and impairs MYC-driven gene expression. MYCi361 binds to MYC with Kd of 3.2 μM. MYCi361 suppresses in vivo tumor growth, increases tumor immune cell infiltration, upregulates PD-L1 on tumors, and sensitizes tumors to anti-PD1 immunotherapy.
  13. GC38588 MYCi975 MYCi975 (NUCC-0200975) is a potent, selective and orally active inhibitor of MYC that disrupts MYC/MAX interaction, promotes MYC T58 phosphorylation and MYC degradation, and impairs MYC driven gene expression. MYCi975 exhibits potent anti-tumor activities.
  14. GC34094 Mycro 3 Mycro 3 is a potent and selective inhibitor of c-Myc in whole cell assays. Mycro 3 also shows weak inhibitory activity against AP-1.
  15. GC33377 KSI-3716
  16. GC32785 ML327 ML327 is an isoxazole compound that blocks MYC expression and tumor formation in neuroblastoma. ML327 also restores E-cadherin expression with In-Cell Western EC50 of 1.0 μM. ML327 induces apoptosis.
  17. GC32692 APTO-253 (LOR-253) APTO-253 (LOR-253) (LOR-253) 是一种小分子,可抑制 c-Myc 表达,稳定 G-四链体 DNA,并诱导急性髓性白血病细胞的细胞周期停滞和凋亡。
  18. GC14918 10074-G5 An inhibitor of c-Myc/Max dimerization
  19. GC14413 KJ Pyr 9 An inhibitor of c-Myc and v-Myc interaction with Max
  20. GC17839 Stauprimide Primes stem cells for differentiation
  21. GC17295 10058-F4 A c-Myc inhibitor

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