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PERK (doublestranded RNA-activated protein kinase-like ER kinase) is localized on endoplasmic reticulum membrane. It is associated with insulin processing and unfolded protein response etc.

  1. Cat.No. 产品名称 Information
  2. GC64866 PERK-IN-5
  3. GC61072 MK-28
  4. GC39156 AMG PERK 44
  5. GC33006 CCT020312 An EIF2AK3 activator
  6. GC10581 ISRIB ISRIB是PERK信号抑制剂
  7. GC15462 ISRIB (trans-isomer) An inhibitor of the Integrated Stress Response
  8. GC11068 GSK2656157 A PERK inhibitor
  9. GC17450 GSK2606414 A selective PERK inhibitor

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