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Chk (Csk homologous kinase)

  1. Cat.No. 产品名称 Information
  2. GC11022 SB 218078 A potent Chk1 inhibitor
  3. GC14772 CCT244747 A potent Chk1 inhibitor
  4. GC13448 NSC 109555 ditosylate An inhibitor of Chk2
  5. GC10793 TCS 2312 checkpoint kinase 1 (chk1) inhibitor
  6. GC15663 LY2606368 A Chk1 inhibitor
  7. GC11648 BML-277 A selective DNA damage control kinase inhibitor
  8. GC14234 PF-477736 A selective inhibitor of checkpoint kinase 1
  9. GC15741 LY2603618 A Chk1 inhibitor
  10. GC15739 CHIR-124 A selective Chk1 inhibitor
  11. GC16374 MK-8776(SCH-900776) A selective Chk1 inhibitor
  12. GC10546 AZD7762 A selective checkpoint kinase inhibitor
  13. GC17105 CCT241533 hydrochloride A selective Chk2 inhibitor
  14. GC18053 CCT241533 A selective Chk2 inhibitor

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