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Proton Pump(质子泵)

Proton pump is a protein complex that transport the H+ ion across the membranes of lysosomes and vacuoles to generate an electrical and chemical gradient that provide energy for ATP synthesis from ADP.

  1. Cat.No. 产品名称 Information
  2. GC25386 Ethacrynate Sodium Ethacrynate Sodium (ethacrynic acid sodium) is the sodium salt form of ethacrynic acid, which inhibits symport of sodium, potassium, and chloride primarily in the ascending limb of Henle, but also in the proximal and distal tubules.
  3. GC65377 Abeprazan hydrochloride
  4. GC64070 Omeprazole-d3-1 An internal standard for the quantification of omeprazole
  5. GC63954 KM91104 KM 91104 is a cell-permeable inhibitor of V-ATPase that specifically targets the interaction between V-ATPase subunit a3 and subunit B2.
  6. GC63687 Rabeprazole-d4 An internal standard for the quantification of rabeprazole
  7. GC63472 Zastaprazan
  8. GC63335 Omeprazole-13CD3
  9. GC62885 Caloxin 2A1 TFA
  10. GC62823 Abeprazan
  11. GC61863 Verucopeptin
  12. GC47537 Lansoprazole-d4 An internal standard for the quantification of lansoprazole
  13. GC61155 Omeprazole sodium An irreversible inhibitor of the gastric proton pump
  14. GC60975 Lansoprazole Sulfide D4
  15. GC60929 Ilaprazole sodium A gastric proton pump inhibitor
  16. GC60530 5-Hydroxylansoprazole
  17. GC39734 Diphyllin A lignan with diverse biological activities
  18. GC39429 Rabeprazole Sulfide An active metabolite of rabeprazole
  19. GC37920 Vonoprazan A selective and reversible proton pump inhibitor
  20. GC37756 Tenatoprazole sodium A proton pump inhibitor
  21. GC36848 Pantoprazole sodium hydrate A proton pump inhibitor
  22. GC36847 Pantoprazole sodium A proton pump inhibitor
  23. GC36806 Omeprazole D3 An internal standard for the quantification of omeprazole
  24. GC36009 Esomeprazole magnesium salt An H+/K+-ATPase inhibitor
  25. GC35982 EN6 An activator of autophagy
  26. GC33575 Esomeprazole potassium salt ((S)-Omeprazole potassium) An H+/K+-ATPase inhibitor
  27. GC32924 Linaprazan (AZD0865) An H+/K+-ATPase inhibitor
  28. GC32250 Chebulinic acid An ellagitannin with diverse biological activities
  29. GC31987 S3337
  30. GC31969 Pumaprazole (BY-841)
  31. GC31566 Tegoprazan A proton pump inhibitor
  32. GC31466 Picoprazole
  33. GC31426 Bamaquimast (F 10126)
  34. GC31347 Ilaprazole (IY-81149) A gastric proton pump inhibitor
  35. GC30418 SKF96067
  36. GC30130 Soraprazan (BYK61359)
  37. GC15334 N2-Methyl-L-arginine Selective L-arginine uptake inhibitor
  38. GC11151 SCH 28080 An inhibitor of H+/K+-ATPases
  39. GC16516 BCH An inhibitor of LAT1
  40. GC12718 Pantoprazole A proton pump inhibitor
  41. GC16645 Rabeprazole 雷贝拉唑 (LY307640) 是第二代质子泵抑制剂 (PPI),可不可逆地灭活胃 H+/K+-ATPase。
  42. GC15670 Rabeprazole sodium A proton pump inhibitor
  43. GC14313 Esomeprazole Magnesium A form of esomeprazole in complex with magnesium
  44. GC16453 Zinc Pyrithione A coordination complex of zinc and pyrithione
  45. GC16622 Dexlansoprazole A proton pump inhibitor
  46. GC10599 Esomeprazole Sodium An H+/K+-ATPase inhibitor
  47. GC12112 Lansoprazole sodium Proton pump inhibitor
  48. GC17519 Concanamycin A A plecomacrolide antibiotic
  49. GC17597 Bafilomycin A1

    A fungal metabolite with diverse biological activities

  50. GC15418 TAK-438 A selective and reversible proton pump inhibitor
  51. GC16570 Lansoprazole Proton pump inhibitor

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