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TGF-β / Smad Signaling

Transforming growth factor-beta (TGF-beta) is a multifunctional cytokine that regulates proliferation, migration, differentiation, and survival of many different cell types. Deletion or mutation of different members of the TGF-β family have been shown to cause vascular remodeling defect and absence of mural cell formation, leading to embryonic lethality or severe vascular disorders. TGF-β induces smooth muscle differentiation via Notch or SMAD2 and SMAD3 signaling in ES cells or in a neural crest stem cell line. TGF-β binds to TGF-βRI and to induce phosphorylation of SMAD2/3, thereby inhibiting proliferation, tube formation, and migration of endothelial cells (ECs).

TGF-β is a pluripotent cytokine with dual tumour-suppressive and tumour-promoting effects. TGF-β induces the epithelial-to-mesenchymal transition (EMT) leading to increased cell plasticity at the onset of cancer cell invasion and metastasis.

Products for  TGF-β / Smad Signaling

  1. Cat.No. Product Name Information
  2. GC62478 Ζ-Stat ζ-Stat (NSC37044) 是一种特异且非典型的 PKC-ζ 的抑制剂,IC50 值为 5 μM。ζ-Stat 可以减少黑色素瘤细胞系的增殖并诱导细胞凋亡,在体外具有抗肿瘤活性。
  3. GC13890 (±)-Palmitoylcarnitine chloride intermediate in mitochondrial fatty acid oxidation
  4. GC16081 (-)-epicatechin inducer of pancreatic β-cell regeneration
  5. GC10603 (-)-epicatechin gallate major catechin in green tea
  6. GC17242 (-)-epigallocatechin green tea epicatechin
  7. GC14049 (-)-Epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) Antioxidant, antiangiogenic and antitumor agent
  8. GC14012 (-)-Indolactam V A protein kinase C activator
  9. GC41737 (S)-Glycyl-H-1152 (hydrochloride) Two Rho-associated kinases (ROCK), ROCK-I and ROCK-II, act downstream of the G protein Rho to regulate cytoskeletal stability.
  10. GC18062 1,2-Dilauroyl-sn-glycerol
  11. GC14134 1,2-Dimyristoyl-sn-glycerol
  12. GC13877 1,2-Dipalmitoyl-sn-glycerol

    weak activator of PKC

  13. GC12662 1,2-Distearoyl-sn-glycerol
  14. GC12172 1-Naphthyl PP1 Src family kinases inhibitor
  15. GC41863 10,11-dehydro Curvularin A natural mycotoxin
  16. GN10444 12-O-tetradecanoyl phorbol-13-acetate

    An activator of ERK/MAPK

  17. GC13927 A 77-01 Potent ALK5 inhibitor
  18. GC10166 A 83-01 ALK-5 inhibitor
  19. GC35210 A 83-01 sodium salt A potent inhibitor of TGF-β type I receptor ALK5 kinase
  20. GC60037 A-3 hydrochloride A-3 hydrochloride 是靶向多种激酶 (kinase) 的强效、细胞渗透的、可逆的、ATP 竞争性的非选择性拮抗剂。A-3 hydrochloride 是针对 PKA (Ki=4.3 µM),酪蛋白激酶 II (Ki=5.1 µM) 和肌球蛋白轻链激酶 (MLCK) (Ki=7.4 µM) 的抑制剂。A-3 hydrochloride 还抑制 PKC 和酪蛋白激酶 I 的活性,Ki 分别为 47 µM 和 80 µM。
  21. GC15579 Adaphostin P210bcr/abl tyrosine kinase inhibitor

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