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SMAD are intracellular proteins that transduce extracellular signals from transforming growth factor beta ligands to the nucleus where they activate downstream gene transcription.

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  1. Cat.No. 产品名称 Information
  2. GC44903 SMAD3 Inhibitor, SIS3 An inhibitor of TGF-β signaling
  3. GC41863 10,11-dehydro Curvularin A natural mycotoxin
  4. GC34060 Disitertide (P144) Disitertide (P144) (P144) 是一种肽类转化生长因子-β 1 (TGF-β1) 抑制剂,专门设计用于阻断与其受体的相互作用。 Disitertide (P144) (P144) 也是一种 PI3K 抑制剂和凋亡诱导剂。
  5. GC32914 EMT inhibitor-1 EMTinhibitor-1是Hippo,TGF-β和Wnt信号通路的抑制剂,并拥有抗肿瘤活性。
  6. GC32250 Chebulinic acid An ellagitannin with diverse biological activities
  7. GC31950 Halofuginone hydrobromide (RU-19110 (hydrobromide)) Halofuginone (RU-19110) hydrobromid 是一种Ferifugine 衍生物,是一种竞争性脯氨酰-tRNA 合成酶抑制剂,Ki 为 18.3 nM。
  8. GC31650 Halofuginone (RU-19110) Halofuginone (RU-19110) is the competitively inhibitor of prolyl-tRNA synthetase with Ki of 18.3 nM.It could also down-regulate Smad3 and blocked TGF-β signaling at 10 ng/ml in mammal.
  9. GC19338 SRI-011381 hydrochloride A TGF-β signaling activator
  10. GC17191 SIS3 HCl

    SIS3HCl 是一种有效的选择性 Smad3 抑制剂,对 Smad3 磷酸化的 IC50 为 3 μM。

  11. GC15057 Kartogenin A potent inducer of chondrocyte differentiation
  12. GC12790 Pirfenidone A pyridone derivative with antifibrotic activity
  13. GC11604 LY364947 Inhibitor of TGF-β type-1 receptors
  14. GC17523 Hydrochlorothiazide A thiazide diuretic
  15. GC16580 LDN-193189

    An inhibitor of BMP receptors ALK1, ALK2, ALK3, and ALK6

  16. GC16793 RepSox A selective inhibitor of ALK5
  17. GC14931 LDN193189 Hydrochloride An inhibitor of BMP receptors ALK1, ALK2, ALK3, and ALK6
  18. GN10378 Oxymatrine A natural antiviral and anti-fibrosis alkaloid
  19. GN10534 Asiaticoside A saponin with significant wound healing activity

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