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Obesity, Appetite Control & Diabetes(肥胖,食欲控制 & 糖尿病)

Obesity, Appetite Control & Diabetes

Satiety, appetite, and craving are CNS drives, whereas metabolism and energy utilization are peripheral endocrine actions.
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Products for  Obesity, Appetite Control & Diabetes

  1. Cat.No. 产品名称 Information
  2. GC52507 Orexin A amide (bovine, human, mouse, rat) (trifluoroacetate salt)

    Hypocretin 1, OXA

    A hypothalamic neuropeptide
  3. GC52506 Ghrelin (human) (trifluoroacetate salt)


    A growth hormone releasing peptide
  4. GC52504 Human Vitamin D Receptor Reporter Assay System

    NR1I1, VDR

    A nuclear receptor cell-based reporter assay
  5. GC52502 Peptide YY (3-36) (trifluoroacetate salt)

    Pancreatic Peptide YY, Peptide Tyrosine Tyrosine

    A satiety hormone
  6. GC52497 Lactosylceramide (porcine RBC)


    A sphingolipid
  7. GC52496 Sulfatide (bovine) (sodium salt)

    Galactosylceramide I3-sulfate, Ganglioside SM4, I3SO3-GalCer, SM4, Sulfated Galactocerebroside, 3-O-Sulfogalactosylceramide

    A mixture of isolated bovine sulfatides
  8. GC52493 Glucosylceramide (bovine buttermilk)

    GluCers (buttermilk), Glucocerebrosides (buttermilk)

    A sphingolipid
  9. GC52490 Glucagon (hydrochloride) A peptide hormone
  10. GC52476 Bax Inhibitor Peptide V5 (trifluoroacetate salt)


    A Bax inhibitor
  11. GC52453 Orexin A (17-33) (human, mouse, rat, bovine) (trifluoroacetate salt)

    OXA (17-33)

    A peptide orexin receptor 1 agonist
  12. GC52428 10-oxo-12(Z)-Octadecenoic Acid-d5

    10-keto-12Z-Octadecenoic Acid-d5, 10-oxo-12-cis-Octadecenoic Acid-d5

    An internal standard for the quantification of 10-oxo-12(Z)-octadecenoic acid
  13. GC52398 10-oxo-12(Z)-Octadecenoic Acid ethyl ester

    10-keto-12Z-Octadecenoic Acid ethyl ester, 10-oxo-12-cis-Octadecenoic Acid ethyl ester

    An ester form of 10-oxo-12(Z)-octadecenoic acid
  14. GC52390 Spexin 1 (human, mouse, rat, bovine) (acetate)

    Neuropeptide Q, NPQ, NWTPQAMLYLKGAQ-NH2, SPX1

    An endogenous peptide and agonist of GAL2 and GAL3
  15. GC52388 [D-Lys3]-GHRP-6 (trifluoroacetate salt)

    D-Lys3-Growth Hormone Releasing Peptide 6, His-D-Trp-D-Lys-Trp-D-Phe-Lys-NH2

    An antagonist of GHS-R1a
  16. GC52380 AOD-9604 (acetate) A synthetic lipolytic peptide
  17. GC52331 Lactoyl Phenylalanine

    Lac-Phe, N-Lactoyl-Phenylalanine

    A secondary metabolite
  18. GC52323 L-Isoleucine-13C6


    An internal standard for the quantification of L-isoleucine
  19. GC52283 L-Cysteine-15N-d3

    L-Cys-15N-d3, L-(+)-Cysteine-15N-d3, (R)-Cysteine-15N-d3

    An internal standard for the quantification of L-cysteine
  20. GC52251 Imidacloprid Impurity 1 A potential impurity in commercial preparations of imidacloprid
  21. GC52214 Nicotinamide riboside-d4 (triflate) An internal standard for the quantification of nicotinamide riboside
  22. GC52135 Tesofensine


    A triple monoamine reuptake inhibitor
  23. GC52128 AOD-9604 A synthetic lipolytic peptide
  24. GC52125 T-1095 An SGLT1 and SGLT2 inhibitor
  25. GC52071 10-oxo-12(Z)-Octadecenoic Acid

    10-keto-12Z-Octadecenoic Acid, 10-oxo-12-cis-Octadecenoic Acid

    A metabolite of linoleic acid and an activator of TRPV1
  26. GC52047 Fustin

    黄颜木素,(±)-Fustin; 3,7,3',4'-Tetrahydroxyflavanone

    A flavanone with diverse biological activities
  27. GC52032 Montbretin A


    An acylated flavonol glycoside with antidiabetic activity
  28. GC49884 Trigonelline-d3 (chloride)

    Trigonelline-d3 hydrochloride

    An internal standard for the quantification of trigonelline
  29. GC49881 Setmelanotide (trifluoroacetate salt)

    BIM-22493, N-acetyl-RCAHFRWC-NH2, RM-493

    A peptide agonist of MC4R
  30. GC49879 Metformin hydroxy analog 2


    An oxidation product of metformin
  31. GC49868 D-α-Tocopheryl Quinone


    An oxidative metabolite of vitamin E
  32. GC49850 3-Epideoxycholic Acid


    A secondary bile acid and an epimer of deoxycholic acid
  33. GC49844 Stercobilin (hydrochloride)

    (–)-Stercobilin, L-Stercobilin

    A fecal pigment and metabolite of bilirubin
  34. GC49833 N-Boc Sitagliptin


    An intermediate in the synthesis of (–)-sitagliptin
  35. GC49815 Oleuropein aglycone


    A polyphenol with diverse biological activities
  36. GC49798 Glyphosine


    A plant growth regulator
  37. GC49701 Glycolithocholic Acid 3-sulfate (sodium salt)


    A metabolite of glycolithocholic acid
  38. GC49671 2,3-Oxidosqualene


    An intermediate in the biosynthesis of sterols
  39. GC49646 Aurothioglucose (hydrate)

    Gold Thioglucose

    A TrxR inhibitor
  40. GC49637 O-desethyl Dapagliflozin


    An SGLT2 inhibitor and active metabolite of dapagliflozin
  41. GC49590 Docosahexaenoic Acid 1,2,3,4-13C

    C22:6 n-3 1,2,3,4-13C, C22:6(4Z,7Z,10Z,13Z,16Z,19Z) 1,2,3,4-13C, Cervonic Acid 1,2,3,4-13C, DHA 1,2,3,4-13C

    An internal standard for the quantification of DHA
  42. GC49530 Phenformin-d5 (hydrochloride)

    Phenethylbiguanide-d5 hydrochloride

    An internal standard for the quantification of phenformin
  43. GC49521 MHY553

    NSC 33005

    An agonist of PPARα
  44. GC49440 ML-9


    A PKB/Akt inhibitor
  45. GC49433 Capsiate


    A capsaicin analog with diverse biological activities
  46. GC49406 ACT-373898 A metabolite of macitentan
  47. GC49393 all-trans-13,14-Dihydroretinol A metabolite of all-trans retinoic acid
  48. GC49389 Tritylolmesartan Medoxomil


    An intermediate in the synthesis of olmesartan medoxomil
  49. GC49381 L-Leucine-d10

    L-亮氨酸 d10

    An internal standard for the quantification of L-leucine
  50. GC49373 L-Alanine-d3

    L-丙氨酸-3,3,3-D3,L-2-Aminopropionic acid-d3

    An internal standard for the quantification of L-alanine
  51. GC49368 L-Methionine-d3


    An internal standard for the quantification of L-methionine

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