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Cytochrome P450 are a family of heme-containing monoxygenases catalyzing the metabolism of xenobiotics in the body where P450 enzymes use O2 and two electrons provided by NAD(P)H with the help of redox partner flavoproteins and iron-sulfur proteins to catalyze the monooxygenation of a variety of substrates. Based on how electrons from NAD(P)H are delivered to the catalytic site, P450 enzymes are divided into four classes, including Class I requiring both an FAD-containing reductase and an iron sulfur redoxin, Class II requiring only an FAD/FMN-containg P450 reductase, Class III requiring no electron donor and Class IV requiring electrons directly from NAD(P)H.

  1. Cat.No. 产品名称 Information
  2. GC67933 LKY-047
  3. GC66197 α-?Terpinyl acetate Terpinyl Acetate (alpha-Terpinyl), a naturally occuring compound found in several essential oils, is a flavouring agent.
  4. GC52132 N-desmethyl Diltiazem (hydrochloride) An active metabolite of diltiazem
  5. GC65517 4-(Trifluoromethyl)umbelliferone
  6. GC65345 BI 653048
  7. GC65260 EDP-305
  8. GC65088 Atovaquone-d5
  9. GC52083 21-Deoxycortisone A corticosteroid metabolite of 11-keto progesterone
  10. GC52062 7-Benzyloxy-4-(trifluoromethyl)coumarin A fluorogenic substrate for CYP1A2 and CYP3A
  11. GC52060 Trimipramine N-oxide An active metabolite of trimipramine
  12. GC52045 N-desmethyl Azelastine An active metabolite of azelastine
  13. GC52038 Desthiazolylmethyl Ritonavir A ritonavir degradation product
  14. GC52024 Aripiprazole N-oxide A metabolite of aripiprazole
  15. GC52019 Norpropranolol (hydrochloride) An active metabolite of propranolol
  16. GC52007 N-hydroxylamine Dapsone An active metabolite of dapsone
  17. GC49875 (±)-N-desmethyl Venlafaxine (hydrochloride) A minor active metabolite of venlafaxine
  18. GC49866 Desmethyl Carvedilol An active metabolite of carvedilol
  19. GC49855 Harmalol (hydrochloride hydrate) A β-carboline alkaloid and an active metabolite of harmaline
  20. GC49851 Norquetiapine An active metabolite of quetiapine
  21. GC49842 Digoxigenin Bisdigitoxoside A Na+/K+-ATPase inhibitor
  22. GC49832 Hydroxymetronidazole An active metabolite of metronidazole
  23. GC49817 Desethoxy Quetiapine (hydrochloride) An active metabolite of quetiapine
  24. GC64010 Abiraterone decanoate
  25. GC63872 Dagrocorat hydrochloride
  26. GC49686 N-desmethyl Regorafenib N-oxide An active metabolite of regorafenib
  27. GC49629 6β-hydroxy Prednisolone A metabolite of prednisolone
  28. GC49627 Rabeprazole sulfone A metabolite of rabeprazole
  29. GC49583 N-desmethyl Sertraline (hydrochloride) A metabolite of sertraline
  30. GC49559 Hydroxymethyl Tolperisone (hydrochloride) A metabolite of tolperisone
  31. GC49544 8-hydroxy Mirtazapine A metabolite of mirtazapine
  32. GC49503 Thujopsene A sesquiterpene with diverse biological activities
  33. GC49501 Nirvanol An active metabolite of mephenytoin
  34. GC63469 Abiraterone-D4
  35. GC63272 β-Apo-8’-carotenal Apocarotenal is a carotenoid found in spinach and citrus fruits and plays a role as a precursor of vitamin A.
  36. GC63199 Soticlestat A cholesterol 24-hydroxylase/CYP46A1 inhibitor
  37. GC49439 (±)11(12)-DiHET MaxSpec® Standard A quantitative analytical standard guaranteed to meet MaxSpec® identity, purity, stability, and concentration specifications
  38. GC49429 6-keto Lithocholic Acid A metabolite of lithocholic acid
  39. GC49421 Atorvastatin lactone-d5 An internal standard for the quantification of atorvastatin lactone
  40. GC49410 CVT-2738 An active metabolite of ranolazine
  41. GC49409 Desmethyl Ranolazine A metabolite of ranolazine
  42. GC49403 Benzarone An active metabolite of benzbromarone
  43. GC49399 N-Desbutyl Dronedarone (hydrochloride) An active metabolite of dronedarone
  44. GC49362 2-Amino-3,8-dimethylimidazo-[4,5-f]-quinoxaline A food-derived carcinogen
  45. GC49355 Norfluoxetine-d5 (hydrochloride) An internal standard for the quantification of norfluoxetine
  46. GC49320 7-Ethoxy-4-(trifluoromethyl)coumarin A fluorogenic substrate for CYPs
  47. GC49291 rac-N-desmethyl Ivabradine-d6 (hydrochloride) An internal standard for the quantification of N-desmethyl ivabradine
  48. GC49288 Dolutegravir M1 A metabolite of dolutegravir
  49. GC49281 SPA70 A PXR antagonist
  50. GC49230 Ferroprotoporphyrin An iron-containing cofactor
  51. GC49212 trans-carboxy Glimepiride A metabolite of glimepiride

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