1. Cat.No. 产品名称 Information
  2. GC60835 Fenipentol Fenipentol(1-Phenyl-1-pentanol)是姜黄成分的合成衍生物,用作调味品和染料。Fenipentol也是一种口服活性的利胆剂,在释放碳酸氢盐和蛋白质的分泌素,胃泌素和胰腺分泌中起重要作用。
  3. GC62898 Cinnamyl acetate Cinnamyl acetate 在香料和香料工业中具有广泛的应用。Cinnamyl acetate 是一种新型广谱抗菌剂。
  4. GC14326 Calmidazolium chloride Calmodulin antagonist
  5. GC31764 Gefarnate Gefarnate是一种治疗胃炎和胃溃疡的药物,目前也用于干眼症的研究。
  6. GC14041 Ethacrynic Acid Na+/K+/2Cl- cotransporter NKCC2 inhibitor
  7. GC13968 SB202190 (FHPI) A P38 MAPK inhibitor
  8. GC12917 Acetaminophen A COX inhibitor
  9. GP10161 Proteinase K A broad-spectrum serine protease
  10. GC17893 Pregnenolone Carbonitrile rodent pregnane X receptor (PXR) agonist
  11. GC41526 Olivetolic Acid An Analytical Reference Standard
  12. GC43028 C16 Ceramide (d18:1/16:0) A bioactive sphingolipid
  13. GC14292 Apatinib Mesylate Apatinib blocks the downstream signal transduction of VEGF pathway to inhibit neovascularization.
  14. GC45099 U-0126 A MEK inhibitor
  15. GC13508 Trametinib (GSK1120212) Trametinib (GSK1120212, JTP-74057) is a second-generation small molecule inhibitor of MEK kinase.
  16. GC15775 Metronidazole nitroimidazole antibiotic
  17. GC41478 L-α-Hydroxyglutaric Acid L-α-Hydroxyglutaric Acid is an important metabolite in various domains of life. In mammals and plants, it is produced by lactate dehydrogenase (LDH) and malate dehydrogenase (MDH)-mediated 2-ketoglutarate (2-KG) reduction under hypoxic conditions.
  18. GC16308 AZD-9291 Mutated forms EGFR inhibitor
  19. GC36897 Phosal 50 PG Phosal 50 PG 是一种助溶剂(标准化的磷脂酰胆碱浓缩物)。
  20. GC32749 Sincalide (CCK-8) Sincalide(CCK-8) is a minor bioactive segment of CCK
  21. GN10308 Chlorogenic acid A phenolic product with antioxidant activity
  22. GC11806 β-Glycerophosphate (sodium salt hydrate) A protein phosphatase inhibitor
  23. GC12327 Corticosterone Corticosterone (17 deoxycortisol) is a glucocorticoid with oral activity and produced by adrenal cortex, which plays an important role in regulating the neuronal function of limbic system (including hippocampus, prefrontal cortex and amygdala).
  24. GC16533 Oligomycin Complex A inhibitor of ATP synthase
  25. GC16684 Docetaxel Microtubulin disassembly inhibitor
  26. GC43021 C12FDG C12FDG is a fluorogenic substrate for β-galactosidase.
  27. GC12560 Dorsomorphin (Compound C) 2HCl AMPK inhibitor
  28. GC12979 Vitamin C water soluble vitamin
  29. GC12520 Diphenyleneiodonium chloride An iNOS and eNOS inhibitor
  30. GC13137 Pyocyanin Pyocyanin is a biologically active phenazine pigment
  31. GP11075 Imipenem Imipenem is a semisynthetic thienamycin.
  32. GC19175 GSK-872 GSK-872 is a RIPK3 inhibitor.
  33. GC44401 Nicotinamide riboside Nicotinamide riboside, a form of vitamin B3 and NAD+ precursor, is converted to bioavailable NAD+, via nicotinamide riboside kinase (NRK) and NMNAT, or by the action of nucleoside phosphorylase and NAM salvage.
  34. GC30485 Endothelin 1 swine, human Endothelin1(swine,human)是具有人和猪内皮素1序列的合成肽,是有效的内源性血管收缩剂。Endothelin1通过两种类型受体ETA和ETB发挥作用。
  35. GC44602 Peroxynitrite Formed in vivo by the reaction of NO with superoxide
  36. GC36048 FITC-Dextran (MW 10000) FITC-Dextran is a fluorescent probe for fluorescein isothiocyanate (FITC) dextran (Ex=495 nm; Em=525 nm).
  37. GC13261 Colchicine A tubulin Inhibitor
  38. GC33715 Fluoxetine (LY-110140) A selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor for antidepressant research
  39. GC33425 DiI (DiIC18(3)) A fluorescent neuronal tracer
  40. GC19184 GSK484 hydrochloride A peptidylarginine deiminase 4 (PAD4) inhibitor
  41. GC37885 Vancomycin An antibiotic for the treatment of bacterial infections
  42. GC11037 Biotin-HPDP Biotin-HPDP is a sulfhydryl-reactive biotinylation reagent that forms a reversible disulfide linkage.
  43. GC11025 (+)-MK 801 Maleate Potent NMDA antagonist
  44. GC17886 Stattic Stattic is the first non-peptide small molecule inhibitor of STAT3, which effectively inhibits STAT3 activation and nuclear translocation.
  45. GC39236 SBFI-26 SBFI-26 is a selective and competitive inhibitor of fatty acid binding proteins FABP5 and FABP7, SBFI-26 binds to the canonical ligand-binding pocket of FABP5[3],with Kjs of 0.
  46. GC45935 Testosterone An Analytical Reference Material
  47. GC34218 Nivolumab (BMS-936558) Nivolumab, an anti-cancer monoclonal antibody, is a programmed death receptor-1 blocking human IgG4 antibody to treat advanced (metastatic) non-small cell lung cancer.
  48. GC44307 NADP+ NADP+ is the oxidized form of the electron donor nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide phosphate.
  49. GC12385 MDV3100 (Enzalutamide) MDV3100(enzalutamide) is a second-generation AR antagonist with an IC50 of 36nM in LNCaP prostate cells
  50. GC13650 Resiquimod (R-848) Immune response modifier
  51. GC19010 Endosidin 2 A cell-permeable inhibitor of exocytosis and endosomal recycling

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