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ROR (RAR-related orphan receptor) is a nuclear receptor family of intracellular transcription factors and appears to bind as monomers to hormone response elements.

  1. Cat.No. 产品名称 Information
  2. GC68411 RORγt Inverse agonist 10
  3. GC66327 Zilovertamab
  4. GC65953 RORγt inverse agonist 23
  5. GC65155 S18-000003 S18-000003, a potent, selective and orally active inhibitor of retinoic acid receptor-related orphan receptor-gamma-t (RORγt), with an IC50 of <30 μM towards human RORγt in competitive binding assays.
  6. GC63458 Cedirogant Cedirogant (ABBV-157) is an orally active RORγt inverse agonist, can be used for psoriasis research.
  7. GC63436 Bevurogant

    Bevurogant 是一种类视黄醇相关孤儿受体-γt ( RORγt) 拮抗剂。Bevurogant 可用于慢性炎症性疾病的研究。

  8. GC62623 RORγt Inverse agonist 6
  9. GC62520 TMP780
  10. GC62349 RORγt inverse agonist 13
  11. GC47687 ML-209 An RORγt antagonist
  12. GC47182 Dehydrolithocholic Acid A major metabolite of lithocholic acid
  13. GC50389 XY 018 XY 018 是一种有效的 ROR-γ-选择性拮抗剂。
  14. GC39299 TMP920
  15. GC37944 XY101
  16. GC37557 RORγt Inverse agonist 3
  17. GC37556 ROR agonist-1
  18. GC35214 A-9758
  19. GC34710 PF-06747711
  20. GC33882 GNE-6468
  21. GC32713 Cintirorgon (LYC-55716) A ROR? agonist
  22. GC32044 L 601920-0 (Methyl-3β-hydroxycholenate)
  23. GC31880 AZD-0284
  24. GC31871 GNE-0946
  25. GC31533 Vimirogant (VTP-43742)
  26. GC31163 TMP778

    TMP778 is a selective inhibitor of RORγt with an IC50 of 5 nM in the Fluorescence Resonance Energy Transfer (FRET) assay and an IC50 of 17 nM in the RORγ assay.

  27. GC18591 GSK805 An RORγt inverse agonist
  28. GC14054 SR 0987 An agonist of RORγt
  29. GC13905 GSK2981278 An inverse agonist of RORγ
  30. GC10644 Neoruscogenin A bioavailable agonist of RORα
  31. GC14418 SR 1555 (hydrochloride) inverse agonist of RORγ
  32. GC14284 SR 2211 Selective inverse agonist of RORγ
  33. GC15009 SR 1001 An RORα and γ inverse agonist
  34. GC12877 SR3335 A selective inverse agonist of RORα
  35. GC16392 SR1078 A selective RORα/RORγ agonist
  36. GN10325 Nobiletin A flavonoid with diverse biological activities

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