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Cancer stem cell(癌症干细胞)

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  2. GC49687 Goralatide (acetate) A tetrapeptide regulator of hematopoiesis
  3. GC49667 PD 168568 (hydrochloride) A dopamine D4 receptor antagonist
  4. GC49241 Methyl Diethyldithiocarbamate An active metabolite of disulfiram
  5. GC49110 AICA Ribonucleotide An AMPK activator
  6. GC49027 Hexamethylene bisacetamide A tumor cell-differentiating agent
  7. GC48070 SB-431542 (hydrate) Inhibitor of receptors ALK4, ALK5, and ALK7
  8. GC47538 L-Ascorbic Acid 2-phosphate (magnesium salt hydrate) A long-acting ascorbic acid derivative
  9. GC46947 BRD-K4477 A small molecule promotor of hepatocyte differentiation
  10. GC46939 BODIPY-aminoacetaldehyde diethyl acetal

    A stable precursor to the fluorescent ALDH substrate BAAA

  11. GC45137 Valproic Acid Acyl-D-Glucuronide A metabolite of valproic acid
  12. GC44851 Rosiglitazone (potassium salt) A PPARγ agonist
  13. GC44245 MoTP A tool for ablating zebrafish larval melanocytes
  14. GC44213 ML115 A cell-permeable STAT3 activator
  15. GC44080 LLP-3 Induces apoptosis by blocking Survivin/Ran interactions
  16. GC43873 Hydrocortisone 21-hemisuccinate (sodium salt) A derivative of cortisol
  17. GC43734 Ganglioside GQ1b Mixture (sodium salt)

    A mixture of ganglioside GQ1b

  18. GC43462 Dihydrolipoic Acid A reduced form of α-lipoic acid
  19. GC41587 cis-Vaccenic Acid An ω-7 fatty acid
  20. GC41468 Retreversine An inactive isomer of reversine
  21. GC40571 24(S),25-epoxy Cholesterol An oxysterol
  22. GC17339 ML-243 An inhibitor of breast cancer stem cells
  23. GC12811 BRD7116 A selective inhibitor of leukemia stem cells
  24. GC17468 ML 239 An inhibitor of breast cancer stem cells

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