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  2. GC49506 Perseitol Perseitol 是一种由成熟的鳄梨植物产生的化合物。
  3. GC49232 D-(+)-Fucose D-(+)-岩藻糖是 l-阿拉伯糖的不可代谢类似物。
  4. GC49227 Stachyose (hydrate) An oligosaccharide and prebiotic
  5. GC49223 2-deoxy-D-Glucose-13C6 An internal standard for the quantification of 2-deoxy-D-glucose
  6. GC48943 2-deoxy-2-fluoro-D-Glucose A glucose derivative with anticancer activity
  7. GC48279 α-D-Glucose-1-phosphate (sodium salt hydrate) An intermediate in glycogen metabolism
  8. GC48278 α-D-Glucose-1,6-bisphosphate (potassium salt hydrate) A bis-phosphorylated derivative of α-D-glucose
  9. GC48276 α-Cyclodextrin (hydrate) A cyclic hexasaccharide
  10. GC47592 Maltononaose 一种低聚糖
  11. GC47020 Calcium D-Glucarate (hydrate) The calcium salt form of D-glucaric acid
  12. GC46852 Amylose 一种多糖
  13. GC46726 6-O-Sulfo-β-cyclodextrin (sodium salt) A sulfated cyclodextrin
  14. GC46477 1-Amino-1-deoxy-D-fructose (hydrochloride) An amino monosaccharide
  15. GC42736 ADP-Glucose (sodium salt) 多糖合成的中间体
  16. GC40754 D-Ribulose 核酮糖是一种戊酮糖,一种含有五个碳原子和一个酮官能团的单糖。
  17. GC40741 1,6-Anhydro-D-galactose 1,6-Anhydro-D-galactose is a carbohydrate found in liquid smoke flavorings that is used as a tracer of the contribution of biomass burning to total atmospheric particulate matter.
  18. GC10879 N-acetyl-D-Lactosamine N-乙酰-D-乳糖胺(LacNAc)是一种含氮二糖,是糖蛋白和唾液酸Lewis X等多种寡糖的重要组成部分。
  19. GC18490 2α-Mannobiose 2α-甘露二糖是由两个甘露糖分子通过1-2糖苷键连接而成的二糖。

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