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Sigma Receptor(Sigma受体)

Sigma receptors are non-opioid receptors that interacted with psychostimulants such as cocaine and methamphetamine. It is associated with central nervous systems diseases, cancer and neuropathic pain etc.

  1. Cat.No. 产品名称 Information
  2. GC67893 Sigma-LIGAND-1 hydrochloride
  3. GC65450 CT1812
  4. GC65178 KB-5492 free base
  5. GC63801 CM398
  6. GC62960 EST73502 hydrochloride
  7. GC62959 EST64454 hydrochloride
  8. GC62708 σ1 Receptor antagonist-1 WQ 1 is a high affinity and selective σ1 receptor antagonist with pKi values of 10.85, 6.53 and 5.80 at σ1, σ2 receptors and dopamine transporter (DAT), displaying σ1/σ2 selectivity ratio of 20893.
  9. GC61926 Panamesine
  10. GC61889 OPC-14523 hydrochloride
  11. GC61838 Pentoxyverine Pentoxyverine Citrate (Carbetapentane) is an antitussive (cough suppressant) commonly used for cough associated with illnesses like common cold.
  12. GC61822 DuP 734
  13. GC60216 KB-5492 anhydrous
  14. GC50048 (+/-)-PPCC oxalate Selective sigma (σ) agonist (σ1> σ2)
  15. GC38721 (Rac)-E1R
  16. GC38714 (2S,3S)-E1R
  17. GC38713 (2R,3S)-E1R
  18. GC38712 (2R,3R)-E1R
  19. GC38048 Sigma-1 receptor antagonist 3
  20. GC38039 Sigma-1 receptor antagonist 2
  21. GC38038 Sigma-1 receptor antagonist 1
  22. GC35923 E1R
  23. GC33697 Cutamesine (SA4503) Cutamesine (SA4503) (SA4503; AGY-94806) 是一种选择性 sigma 1 受体 (⌃1R) 激动剂;对 (+)-[3H]喷他佐辛标记的 sigma 1 受体亚型具有高亲和力(IC50= 17.4±;1.9 nM);对 sigma 2 受体的亲和力降低 100 倍。
  24. GC32821 Noscapine ((S,R)-Noscapine)
  25. GC31294 Sigma-LIGAND-1
  26. GC30956 Dimemorfan phosphate
  27. GC30206 Roluperidone (CYR-101) A dual antagonist of 5-HT2A and σ2 receptors
  28. GC19032 AVex-73 hydrochloride AVex-73 hydrochloride 是一种 Sigma-1 Receptor 激动剂,IC50 为 860 nM。
  29. GC17088 SA 4503 dihydrochloride A selective σ1 receptor agonist
  30. GC18146 (+)-Igmesine hydrochloride σ1 receptor ligand
  31. GC13796 BMY 14802 hydrochloride BMY 14802 hydrochloride (BMY-14802-1) 是一种选择性和口服活性的 sigma 受体拮抗剂,IC50 为 112 nM。
  32. GC17380 Metaphit Acylator of PCP and σ-receptors
  33. GC17721 IPAG IPAG 是一种有效的 sigma-1 受体拮抗剂,pKi 为 4.3。 IPAG 诱导细胞凋亡。
  34. GC12490 L-693,403 maleate High affinity σ ligand
  35. GC14249 UNC 0642 A G9a histone methyltransferase inhibitor
  36. GC15144 (±)-PPCC oxalate sigma (σ) receptor ligand
  37. GC16004 NE 100 hydrochloride A potent σ1 receptor antagonist
  38. GC16473 TC 1 σ1 receptor ligand
  39. GC11187 PD 144418 oxalate PD 144418 oxalate 是一种高亲和力、有效和选择性的 sigma 1 (σ1) 受体配体(σ1 和 σ2 的 Ki 值分别为 0.08 nM 和 1377 nM)。
  40. GC17392 PB 28 dihydrochloride A σ receptor ligand with anticancer and antiviral activities
  41. GC10795 Rimcazole dihydrochloride Rimcazole (BW 234U) dihydrochloride 是一种咔唑衍生物,部分用作 sigma (σ) 受体拮抗剂。
  42. GC17301 (+)-SK&F 10047 hydrochloride 原型 σ1 受体激动剂
  43. GC15374 BD 1047 dihydrobromide A selective antagonist of σ1 receptors
  44. GC15838 BD 1063 dihydrochloride An antagonist of σ1 receptors
  45. GC17723 4-IBP A σ1 receptor ligand
  46. GC13357 4-PPBP maleate 4-PPBP maleate 是一种有效的 σ 1 受体配体和激动剂。
  47. GC14960 PRE-084 hydrochloride An Analytical Reference Standard
  48. GC16595 BD 1008 dihydrobromide An Analytical Reference Standard
  49. GC16598 DTG A σ receptor ligand
  50. GC13911 S1RA hydrochloride A σ1 receptor antagonist
  51. GC10407 S1RA A σ1 receptor antagonist

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