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Prostaglandin Receptor(前列腺素受体)

Prostaglandin receptors are a group of g-protein coupled receptor that exhibited a variety of functions in regulation of blood pressure and renal function; smooth muscle contraction; inhibition of plate aggregation; immune response etc.

  1. Cat.No. 产品名称 Information
  2. GC67982 Treprostinil palmitil
  3. GC67726 ONO-8711 dicyclohexylamine
  4. GC65987 EP3 antagonist 3
  5. GC65317 EP2 receptor antagonist-1
  6. GC64958 BAY-1316957
  7. GC64921 Pexopiprant
  8. GC64765 Ridogrel
  9. GC64435 Aganepag isopropyl
  10. GC63148 Pizuglanstat
  11. GC62867 BGC-20-1531 free base
  12. GC62667 KW-8232
  13. GC62493 MF-766 An EP4 receptor antagonist
  14. GC61805 Cefminox sodium Cefminox Sodium (Meicelin, MT-141) is the sodium salt form of cefminox, a semi-synthetic, second-generation, beta-lactamase-stable cephalosporin with antibacterial activity.
  15. GC61581 BAY 73-1449
  16. GC50722 ER 819762 ER 817692 是一种具有口服活性的高选择性前列腺素 E2 (PGE2) EP4 受体拮抗剂,对人 EP4 受体的 EC50 为 70 nM。
  17. GC61234 Rebamipide D4 An internal standard for the quantification of rebamipide
  18. GC60611 AZ12672857
  19. GC60248 Misoprostol acid D5 Internal standard for the quantification of misoprostol (free acid)
  20. GC60225 Licarin A
  21. GC60152 Epibetulinic acid
  22. GC39632 Laflunimus
  23. GC50450 Carboprost tromethamine 卡前列素氨丁三醇是合成的前列腺素 F2α 的 15-甲基类似物。
  24. GC50393 DG 041 DG 041 是一种有效的、高亲和力和选择性的 EP3 受体拮抗剂,在结合和 FLIPR 试验中的 IC50 分别为 4.6 nM 和 8.1 nM。
  25. GC50240 AMG 853 AMG 853 (AMG 853) 是一种苯乙酸衍生物。
  26. GC50055 Ro 1138452 hydrochloride Selective prostacyclin IP receptor antagonist
  27. GC39053 Saikogenin D
  28. GC38902 Dazoxiben Dazoxiben hydrochloride (HCl) is a potent, selevtive and orally active inhibitor of thromboxane (TX) synthase. Dazoxiben inhibits TXB2 production in clotting human whole blood with IC50 of 0.3 μM and causes parallel enhancement of PGE2 production.
  29. GC38891 Beraprost sodium A stable, orally active analog of prostacyclin
  30. GC38827 NTP42
  31. GC38764 Darbufelone
  32. GC38763 Daltroban A TP antagonist
  33. GC38379 Furprofen
  34. GC37822 Travoprost A PGF analog and prodrug form of (+)-fluprostenol
  35. GC37795 Timapiprant sodium Timapiprant sodium (OC000459 sodium), a potent, selective, and orally active D prostanoid receptor 2 (DP2, also known as CRTH2) antagonist, potently displaces [3H]PGD2 from human recombinant DP2, rat recombinant DP2, and human native DP2 with Ki values of 13, 3 and 4 nM, respectively.
  36. GC37794 Timapiprant A potent, selective DP2 antagonist
  37. GC36624 MK-7246 S enantiomer
  38. GC36623 MK-2894 sodium salt
  39. GC36379 KAG-308
  40. GC35620 CAY10471 Racemate
  41. GC45259 (+)-Cloprostenol (sodium salt) The active isomer of cloprostenol, a potent IP receptor agonist
  42. GC44360 Nedocromil (sodium salt) A mast cell stabilizer
  43. GC44021 L-826,266 A selective EP3 antagonist
  44. GC42927 BGC 20-1531 (hydrochloride) A potent and selective EP4 receptor antagonist
  45. GC41442 Misoprostol (free acid) An EP2, EP3, and EP4 receptor agonist
  46. GC41229 Latanoprost (free acid) Potent FP receptor agonist
  47. GC40854 Latanoprost Lactone Diol An intermediate in the synthesis of latanoprost
  48. GC40750 Agnuside An iridoid glycoside with diverse biological activities
  49. GC40591 Prostaglandin F2β The 9β-hydroxy stereoisomer of PGF
  50. GC34015 MRE-269 (ACT-333679) Selective IP receptor agonist
  51. GC33550 LCB-2853

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