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  1. Cat.No. 产品名称 Information
  2. GP26031 IFA1 Porcine IFA1 porcine Recombinant produced in HEK293 cells is a single, glycosylated polypeptide chain (a
  3. GP20378 IFI30 Human IFN Gamma-Inducible protein 30 Human Recombinant
  4. GP20379 IFIT3 Human IFN-Induced Protein With Tetratricopeptide Repeats 3 Human Recombinant
  5. GP20382 IFN a 1b Human Interferon-Alpha 1b Human Recombinant
  6. GP20383 IFN a 2a Human

    IFN-Alpha 2a 人类重组体

  7. GP20384 IFN a 2a Human, Plant Interferon Alpha 2a Human Recombinant, Tobacco
  8. GP20385 IFN a 2b Human IFN-Alpha 2b Human Recombinant
  9. GP20387 IFN a 2b Human, 20 kd PEG Interferon-alpha 2b 20kd-Pegylated Human Recombinant
  10. GP20386 IFN a 2b Human, Yeast Interferon-Alpha 2b Human Recombinant, Yeast
  11. GP20392 IFN b 1a Human IFN-Beta 1a Human Recombinant
  12. GP20393 IFN b 1b Human IFN-Beta 1b Human Recombinant
  13. GP20394 IFN b Mouse, His IFN Beta 小鼠重组体,His 标签
  14. GP20402 IFN g Equine Interferon-Gamma Equine Recombinant
  15. GP20395 IFN g Human

    IFN-γ 人类重组

  16. GP20396 IFN g Human, His Interferon-Gamma Human Recombinant, His Tag
  17. GP20399 IFN g Mouse IFN-Gamma 小鼠重组体
  18. GP20401 IFN g Rat IFN-Gamma Rat Recombinant
  19. GP20408 IFN tau Ovine IFN-Tau 绵羊重组体
  20. GP20380 IFNA1 Human IFN-Alpha 1 Human Recombinant
  21. GP20390 IFNA14 Human Interferon-alpha 14 Human Recombinant
  22. GP20381 IFNA1A Human IFN-Alpha 1a Human Recombinant
  23. GP26032 IFNA2C Human Interferon-alpha 2c Recombinant Human produced in yeast is a single, glycosylated polypeptide chain containing 165 amino acids and having a molecular mass of 19
  24. GP20388 IFNA7 Human IFN-alpha 7 Human Recombinant
  25. GP20389 IFNA7 Human, Sf9 Interferon-alpha 7 Human Recombinant, Sf9
  26. GP20391 IFNAR1 Mouse Interferon Alpha And Beta Receptor Mouse Recombinant
  27. GP26034 IFNAR2 Human IFNAR2 Human Recombinant produced in Baculovirus is a single glycosylated polypeptide chain containing 456 amino acids (27-243 a
  28. GP20398 IFNG 139 a.a. Human Interferon-gamma 139 a.a Human Recombinant
  29. GP20403 IFNG Canine Interferon-gamma Canine Recombinant
  30. GP20404 IFNG Canine, His Interferon-gamma Canine Recombinant, His Tag
  31. GP20405 IFNG Feline Interferon-gamma Feline Recombinant
  32. GP20397 IFNG Human, His Active Interferon-gamma Human Recombinant, His Tag Active
  33. GP26035 IFNG Monkey Interferon-gamma Rhesus Macaque Recombinant produced in E
  34. GP20400 IFNG Mouse, His Interferon-gamma Mouse Recombinant, His Tag
  35. GP20406 IFNGR1 Human IFN Gamma Receptor 1 Human Recombinant
  36. GP20407 IFNW1 Human IFN-Omega 1 Human Recombinant
  37. GP20410 IRF 2 Human IFN Regulatory Factor-2 Human Recombinant
  38. GP20411 IRF 3 Human IFN Regulatory Factor-3 Human Recombinant
  39. GP20412 IRF 5 Human IFN Regulatory Factor-5 Human Recombinant
  40. GP20409 IRF1 Human IFN Regulatory Factor-1 Human Recombinant

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