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  2. GK20002 Gsafe Red plus (10000× in ddH₂O)

    Gsafe Red Plus Nucleic Acid Dye (10000X) is a red fluorescent nucleic acid stain that has been optimized and developed on the basis of Gelred with gel staining characteristics and is designed to replace the highly toxic staining agent ethidium bromide (EB) with higher clarity and sensitivity.

  3. GK20003 Gsafe Green plus (10000× in ddH₂O)

    Gsafe Green plus (equivalent to GelGreen) is an upgraded version of a new type of cyanine nucleic acid dye developed by GlpBio.

  4. GC12792 SYBR Safe DNA Gel Stain

    Safe and sensitive DNA/RNA gel stain

  5. GC15815 Thymidine 胸苷是脱氧核糖核酸的一种特定前体,用作细胞同步剂。
  6. GC15407 Rbin-1 Rbin-1 是一种有效的、可逆的和特异性的真核核糖体生物发生化学抑制剂。
  7. GC14808 Saccharin 1-methylimidazole (SMI) 糖精 1-甲基咪唑 (SMI) 是 DNA/RNA 合成的活化剂。
  8. GC14718 Pyrene phosphoramidite dU Fuorescent oligoDNA probe
  9. GC16263 Long trebler phosphoramidite Reagent for oligonucleotide synthesis
  10. GC15958 DMS(O)MT aminolink C6 Used in oligonucleotide synthesis
  11. GC14135 Alkyne Phosphoramidite, 5'-terminal used for the synthesis of oligonucleotides ready for Click chemistry
  12. GC10571 Alkyne Amidite, hydroxyprolinol For synthesis of alkyne-modified oligonucleotides

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