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Fatty acid amide hydrolase (FAAH), belonging to an amidase-signature (AS) protein family, is a membrane-bound protein predominantly in microsomal and mitochondrial fractions that catalyzes the hydrolysis of several bioactive lipids, including anandamide, 2-arachidonoylglycerol (2-AG) and oleamide. The mammalian FAAHs are 63 kDa (579 amino acids in length) proteins characterized by containing several domains defined by homology and function, including, a highly conserved seine-and-glycine-rich AS domain, a predicted transmembrane domain and a proline rich domain. Results of mutation studies suggest, unlike other members of AS protein family, the catalytic activity of FAAH is not associated with the Ser-His-Asp triad but possibly with Ser217 and Lys142.

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  2. GC68838 CB2R/FAAH modulator-3 CB2R/FAAH modulator-3 (compound 27) 是一种双重靶向调节剂,可以作为 CB2R 激动剂和 FAAH 抑制剂。CB2R/FAAH modulator-3 作用于 CB2R 和 CB1R 的 Ki 值分别是 20.1 和 67.6 nM,作用于 FAAH 的IC50值为 3.4 μM。CB2R/FAAH modulator-3 可用于癌症、神经退行性疾病中发生的有害炎症级联反应以及 COVID-19 感染相关研究。
  3. GC68837 CB2R/FAAH modulator-2 CB2R/FAAH modulator-2 (compound 26) 是一种双重靶向调节剂,可以作为 CB2R 激动剂和 FAAH 抑制剂。CB2R/FAAH modulator-2 作用于 CB2R 和 CB1R 的 Ki 值分别是 10.8 和 152.9 nM,作用于FAAH 的 IC50 值为 6.2 μM。CB2R/FAAH modulator-2 可用于癌症、神经退行性疾病中发生的有害炎症级联反应以及 COVID-19 感染相关研究。
  4. GC63641 SSR411298 SSR411298 是一种具有口服活性、选择性和可逆的脂肪酸酰胺水解酶 (FAAH) 抑制剂。SSR411298 具有用于创伤后应激障碍研究的潜力。
  5. GC36879 PF-04457845


    A selective FAAH inhibitor
  6. GC36703 N-Benzyloleamide


    N-Benzyloleamide 是从 Lepidium meyenii (Maca) 中分离出的一种 maccamide。N-Benzyloleamide 不可逆地抑制脂肪酸酰胺水解酶 (FAAH)。N-Benzyloleamide 影响能量代谢,显示抗氧化和抗疲劳活性。
  7. GC36671 N-Benzyllinolenamide


    N-?Benzyllinolenamide 是从玛卡中得到的玛卡酰胺,为脂肪酰胺水解酶 (FAAH) 抑制剂,IC50 值为 41.8 μM。
  8. GC36023 FAAH inhibitor 1

    Benzothiazole analog 3

    FAAH inhibitor 1是脂肪酸酰胺水解酶(FAAH)抑制剂,IC50为18 nM。
  9. GC35068 1-Monomyristin


    A monoacylglycerol
  10. GC31239 SA72 SA72是高度选择性的脂肪酸酰胺水解酶(FAAH)抑制剂。
  11. GC30751 FAAH-IN-1 FAAH-IN-1是脂肪酸酰胺水解酶(FAAH)抑制剂,对大鼠和人FAAH的IC50值分别为145nM和650nM。
  12. GC30366 FAAH-IN-2

    4-(3-氯-4-氟苯氨基)-7-甲氧基喹唑啉-6-醇,O-Desmorpholinopropyl Gefitinib

  13. GC18174 BIA 10-2474


    An inhibitor of FAAH
  14. GC13963 Oleyl Trifluoromethyl Ketone

    Heptadecyl Trifluoromethyl Ketone,OTK

    An analog of oleic acid
  15. GC12031 Monoacylglycerol Lipase Inhibitor 21

    MAGL Inhibitor 21,MGL Inhibitor 21

    A reversible blocker of 2-AG hydrolysis
  16. GC13063 N-Benzylpalmitamide


    A long-chain fatty acid amide
  17. GC13953 Methyl α-Linolenyl Fluorophosphonate


    A phospholipase inhibitor
  18. GC12546 JP83 A potent, irreversible FAAH inhibitor
  19. GC15210 PF-622 A selective, potent FAAH inhibitor
  20. GC17159 4-(n-nonyl) Benzeneboronic Acid


    Potent inhibitor of FAAH
  21. GC15231 Oleoyl Ethyl Amide


    An endocannabinoid analog that inhibits FAAH and has analgesic activity
  22. GC10133 JNJ-42165279


    An irreversible FAAH inhibitor
  23. GC16033 TAK 21d TAK 21d (compound 21d) 是一种有效的、具有口服活性并能穿过血脑屏障脂肪酸酰胺水解酶 (FAAH) 的抑制剂,对 hFAAH 和 rFAAH 的 IC50 分别为 0.72 和 0.28 nM。
  24. GC15077 SA 47 SA 47 是一种选择性强效的脂肪酸酰胺水解酶 (FAAH) 和氨基甲酸酯抑制剂 。
  25. GC17855 SA 57 An inhibitor of FAAH, MAGL, and ABHD6
  26. GC11290 TC-F 2


    TC-F 2 是脂肪酸酰胺水解酶 (FAAH) 的可逆非共价结合抑制剂,IC50 为 28 nM。
  27. GC12693 JZL 195


    A potent inhibitor of both FAAH and MAGL
  28. GC15358 PF 750


    A selective, potent FAAH inhibitor
  29. GC17341 Carprofen


    An NSAID used in animals
  30. GC15094 LY2183240

    5-([1,1'-联苯]-4-甲基)-N,N-二甲基-1H-四氮唑-1-甲酰胺,LY 2183240; LY-2183240

    A potent, competitive inhibitor of anandamide uptake
  31. GC16984 PF-3845 Inhibitor of FAAH
  32. GC15951 URB597

    FAAH Inhibitor II, URB-597, URB 597, KDS-4103

    An inhibitor of FAAH
  33. GC14581 JNJ-1661010

    JNJ 1661010,JNJ1661010

    A selective FAAH inhibitor
  34. GN10618 Biochanin A

    鹰嘴豆牙素A,4-Methylgenistein; Olmelin

    A phytoestrogen

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