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RSK (ribosomal s6 kinase) is a family of protein kinases involved in signal transduction.

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  2. GC49440 ML-9 A PKB/Akt inhibitor
  3. GC62675 SM1-71 SM1-71 是一种有效的 TAK1 抑制剂,Ki 值为 160 nM,同时可以共价抑制 MKNK2、MAP2K1/2/3/4/6/7、GAK、AAK1、BMP2K、MAP3K7、MAPKAPK5、GSK3A/B、MAPK1/3、SRC、YES1、FGFR1、ZAK (MLTK)、MAP3K1、LIMK1 和 RSK2。SM1-71 在体外抑制多种癌细胞系的增殖。
  4. GC61941 Eudesmin Eudesmin ((-)-Eudesmin) 通过抑制 S6K1 信号通路来干扰成脂分化。Eudesmin 具有多种作用,包括抗肿瘤,抗炎和抗菌活性。
  5. GC50294 RMM 46 An inhibitor of RSK2
  6. GC38791 GSK-25 GSK-25 是一种有效的、选择性的,具有口服活性的 ROCK1 抑制剂 (IC50=7 nM)。GSK-25 对 31 种激酶以及 RSK1 和 p70S6K 保持良好的选择性 (RSK1: IC50=398 nM, p70S6K: IC50=1 μM)。GSK-25 可抑制 P450 (CYP2C9、CYP2D6、CYP3A4的IC50 分别为2.5、5.2、2.5 μM)。
  7. GC38755 CKI-7 A CK1 inhibitor
  8. GC36505 LY-2584702 hydrochloride LY2584702 is a selective, ATP-competitive p70S6K inhibitor with IC50 of 4 nM. Phase 1.
  9. GC44095 LY2584702 (tosylate) A p70S6K inhibitor
  10. GC43803 HA-1077 (hydrochloride) A ROCK inhibitor
  11. GC34197 FMK-MEA

    FMK-MEA 是一种有效的选择性 p90 核糖体 S6 激酶 (RSK) 抑制剂。

  12. GC32797 AD80 AD80, a multikinase inhibitor, shows strong activity against human RET (c-RET), BRAF, S6K, and SRC but were much less active than either AD57 or AD58 against mTOR. The IC50 value for RET is 4 nM.
  13. GC15240 APS-2-79 An inhibitor of KSR-dependent MAPK signaling
  14. GC16039 LJH685 An inhibitor of RSKs
  15. GC16601 LJI308 An inhibitor of RSKs
  16. GC12089 LY2584702 A p70S6K inhibitor
  17. GC17407 Pluripotin A synthetic compound that promotes self-renewal of murine embryonic stem cells
  18. GC17712 AT13148 A multi-AGC kinase inhibitor
  19. GC16779 BRD 7389 An inhibitor of RSKs
  20. GC16313 SL 0101-1 A selective inhibitor of RSK
  21. GC12982 BIX 02565 A RSK2 inhibitor with multiple off target effects
  22. GC10689 PF-4708671

    A specific, cell-permeable inhibitor of S6K1

  23. GC13468 BI-D1870 An inhibitor of RSK1-4
  24. GC12297 AT7867 A potent and orally bioavailable pan-Akt inhibitor
  25. GC14125 FMK An inhibitor of RSK2
  26. GC14693 CMK CMK 是一种 RSK2 激酶抑制剂,与 FMK 相比,具有相似的效力,但化学稳定性较低。
  27. GC10918 AT7867 dihydrochloride A potent and orally bioavailable pan-Akt inhibitor
  28. GN10016 Carnosol A phenol with diverse biological activities
  29. GN10814 Quercitrin A flavonoid glycoside

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