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PKA (protein kinase A), also known as cAMP-dependent protein kinase, has several functions in the cell, including regulation of glycogen, sugar, and lipid metabolism.

  1. Cat.No. 产品名称 Information
  2. GC65303 Jaspamycin
  3. GC64460 8-Chloro-cAMP
  4. GC63176 Rp-cAMPS sodium salt
  5. GC49440 ML-9 A PKB/Akt inhibitor
  6. GC49265 PKI (14-22) amide (myristoylated) (trifluoroacetate salt) A PKA inhibitor
  7. GC61849 PKI 14-22 amide,myristoylated TFA
  8. GC61747 Sp-cAMPS
  9. GC61512 PKA Inhibitor Fragment (6-22) amide TFA A synthetic peptide inhibitor of PKA
  10. GC60037 A-3 hydrochloride A-3 hydrochloride, a potent, cell-permeable, reversible, ATP-competitive non-selective antagonist of various kinases, againsts cAMP-dependent protein kinase (PKA) (Ki=4.3 ?M), casein kinase II (CK2) (Ki=5.1 ?M) and myosin light chain kinase (MLCK) (Ki=7.4 ?M), also inhibits Protein Kinase C (PKC) and casein kinase I (CK1) with Ki values of 47 ?M and 80 ?M, respectively.
  11. GC50502 RI-STAD 2 AKAP disruptor; selectively binds PKA-RI with high affinity and blocks its interaction with AKAP; cell permeable
  12. GC50501 STAD 2 STAD 2 是 PKA-RII 的有效选择性破坏剂,Kd 为 6.2 nM。
  13. GC50407 st-Ht31 P Negative control for st-Ht31
  14. GC50406 st-Ht31 Inhibits PKA/AKAP interactions; cell permeable
  15. GC50181 CW 008 PKA signaling activator; promotes osteogenesis from hMSCs
  16. GC36391 Kemptide Phospho-Ser5
  17. GC35565 Bucladesine calcium salt
  18. GC35518 Bilobetin A biflavonoid with diverse biological activities
  19. GC44853 Rp-8-CPT-Cyclic AMP (sodium salt) A PKA inhibitor
  20. GC44653 PKA Inhibitor (5-24) A synthetic peptide inhibitor of PKA
  21. GC33771 Metadoxine Metadoxine (Metadoxil, Metasin, pyridoxine-pyrrolidone carboxylat), also known as pyridoxine-pyrrolidone carboxylate, is a drug used to treat chronic and acute alcohol intoxication. Metadoxine is a novel 5-HT2B receptor antagonist with a possible therapeutic role in treating ADHD.
  22. GC31525 CREBtide
  23. GC30857 Warangalone (Scandenolone)
  24. GC30545 Malantide
  25. GC19396 H 89 A PKA inhibitor
  26. GC19090 CCG215022 A GRK inhibitor
  27. GC15352 8-CPT-Cyclic AMP (sodium salt) A cell-permeable cAMP analog
  28. GC16678 UCN-02 A PKC inhibitor
  29. GC12799 H-8 (hydrochloride) A potent, nonspecific kinase inhibitor
  30. GC13640 Kemptide A PKA substrate
  31. GC10428 Sp-5,6-dichloro-cBIMPS (sodium salt) A selective PKA activator
  32. GC11605 C-1 C-1 是一种有效的蛋白激酶抑制剂,IC50 为 4 μM, 8 μM, 12 μM 和 240 μM 用于 cGMP 依赖性蛋白激酶 (PKG)、cAMP 依赖性蛋白激酶 (PKA) ,分别为蛋白激酶 C (PKC) 和 MLC 激酶。 C-1 也用作 ROCK 抑制剂。
  33. GC11362 K 252a A non-selective PKC inhibitor
  34. GC17346 KT 5823 Potent selective inhibitor of cGMP-dependent protein kinase (PKG)
  35. GC17712 AT13148 A multi-AGC kinase inhibitor
  36. GC12321 PKI 14-22 amide, myristoylated A PKA inhibitor
  37. GC15525 cGMP Dependent Kinase Inhibitor Peptide A cGMP-dependent protein kinase inhibitor
  38. GC10941 cAMPS-Rp, triethylammonium salt A non-hydrolyzable analog of cAMP
  39. GC14648 KT 5720 A potent inhibitor of PKA
  40. GC12824 Dibutyryl-cAMP, sodium salt A cell-permeable, cAMP analog
  41. GC16929 8-Bromo-cAMP, sodium salt A PKA activator
  42. GC13869 Fasudil Fasudil (HA-1077; AT877) 是一种非特异性 RhoA/ROCK 抑制剂,对蛋白激酶也有抑制作用,对 ROCK1 的 Ki 为 0.33 μM,对 ROCK2 和 PKA 的 IC50 分别为 0.158 μM 和 4.58 μM、12.30 μM、1.650 μM ,PKC,PKG,分别。 Fasudil 也是一种有效的 Ca2+ 通道拮抗剂和血管扩张剂。
  43. GC10074 H 89 2HCl A PKA inhibitor
  44. GC14289 Fasudil (HA-1077) HCl Fasudil (HA-1077; AT877) Hydrochloride is a nonspecific RhoA/ROCK inhibitor and also has inhibitory effect on protein kinases, with an Ki of 0.33 μM for ROCK1, IC50s of 0.158 μM and 4.58 μM, 12.30 μ ;M, 1.650 μM 分别代表 ROCK2 和 PKA、PKC、PKG。 Fasudil (HA-1077) HCl 也是一种有效的 Ca2+ 通道拮抗剂和血管扩张剂。
  45. GC12297 AT7867 A potent and orally bioavailable pan-Akt inhibitor
  46. GC17255 Gliotoxin An immunosuppressive mycotoxin with diverse biological effects
  47. GC10918 AT7867 dihydrochloride A potent and orally bioavailable pan-Akt inhibitor
  48. GN10336 Daphnetin A coumarin derivative with diverse biological activities
  49. GC15299 Staurosporine(CGP 41251) A potent inhibitor of protein kinase C
  50. GP10075 PKA inhibitor fragment (6-22) amide

    A synthetic peptide inhibitor of PKA

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