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Leukotriene Receptor(白三烯受体)

Leukotrienes receptors are divided into two types, BLT receptors and CycLT receptors. BLT receptors mediate chemoattraction. CysLT receptors mediate pro-inflammatory effects including constriction of airways ad smooth muscle contraction.

  1. Cat.No. 产品名称 Information
  2. GC64356 Ablukast
  3. GC63566 Montelukast-d6 sodium An internal standard for the quantification of montelukast (sodium salt)
  4. GC63296 Montelukast-d6
  5. GC60425 (S)-Verapamil D7 hydrochloride
  6. GC60008 (S)-Verapamil hydrochloride
  7. GC38764 Darbufelone
  8. GC36956 Pranlukast hemihydrate A CysLT1 receptor antagonist
  9. GC35517 BIIL-260 hydrochloride
  10. GC35168 5-O-Demethylnobiletin A flavonoid with diverse biological activities
  11. GC44360 Nedocromil (sodium salt) A mast cell stabilizer
  12. GC44096 LY293111 A LTB4 receptor antagonist
  13. GC41883 12(S)-HHTrE An agonist of BLT2
  14. GC33780 RG-12525 (NID 525)
  15. GC32058 Amelubant (BIIL 284)
  16. GC32025 Gemilukast (ONO-6950)
  17. GC32015 CP-105696 (Pfizer 105696)
  18. GC32011 ONO4057 (ONO-LB457)
  19. GC32002 Bunaprolast (U66858)
  20. GC31994 CI-949
  21. GC31986 Iralukast (CGP 45715A)
  22. GC31983 KP496
  23. GC31980 YM158 free base (YM-57158)
  24. GC31963 LY210073
  25. GC31944 LTD4 antagonist 1
  26. GC31923 CP-96486
  27. GC31921 DW-1350
  28. GC31837 RS-601
  29. GC31832 MN-001 An anti-inflammatory agent
  30. GC31820 Quinotolast sodium (FR71021)
  31. GC31774 AS-35
  32. GC30604 Darbufelone mesylate (CI-1004 mesylate)
  33. GC30453 LM-1484
  34. GC10283 γ-Linolenic Acid An ω-6 fatty acid
  35. GC14939 REV 5901 An antagonist of cysteinyl-leukotriene receptors
  36. GC10020 γ-Linolenic Acid methyl ester A dietary ω-6 PUFA
  37. GC10189 LY223982 A LTB4 receptor antagonist
  38. GC13497 BML-111 A potent bioactive analog of lipoxin A4
  39. GC11201 ARM1 An inhibitor of LTA4 hydrolase
  40. GC17092 HAMI3379 A potent CysLT2 receptor antagonist
  41. GC10821 11-keto-β-Boswellic Acid A 5-LO inhibitor
  42. GC13087 LY171883 Selective, potent LTD4 receptor antagonist
  43. GC14980 MK-571 sodium salt hydrate A selective CysLT1 receptor antagonist
  44. GC10992 LY 255283 A BLT2 receptor antagonist
  45. GC12230 Cinalukast CysLT1 (LTD4) leukotriene receptor antagonist
  46. GC15298 SR 2640 hydrochloride SR2640(盐酸盐)是一种有效的选择性竞争性白三烯 D4/白三烯 E4 拮抗剂。
  47. GC12232 BAY-X 1005 BAY-X 1005 (BAY X 1005; DG-031) 是一种具有口服活性的选择性 5-脂氧合酶活化蛋白 (FLAP) 抑制剂。
  48. GC12197 MK 571 A selective CysLT1 receptor antagonist
  49. GC11283 FPL 55712 A leukotriene receptor antagonist
  50. GC17000 Nedocromil A mast cell stabilizer
  51. GC14094 Pranlukast A CysLT1 receptor antagonist

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