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GPR40 (Free fatty acid receptor 1, FFA1) is a class A G-protein coupled receptor that in humans is encoded by the FFAR1 gene. It is strongly expressed in the cells of the pancreas and to a lesser extent in the brain. This membrane protein binds free fatty acids, acting as a nutrient sensor for regulating energy homeostasis. GPR40 is activated by medium to long chain fatty acids. GPR40 is most strongly activated by eicosatrienoic acid, but has been found to be activated by fatty acids as small as 10 carbons long. For saturated fatty acids the level of activation is dependent on the length of the carbon chain, which is not true for unsaturated fatty acids. It has been found that three hydrophilic residues (arginine-183, asparagine-244, and arginine-258) anchor the carboxylate group of a fatty acid, which activates GPR40.

  1. Cat.No. 产品名称 Information
  2. GC63010 HWL-088
  3. GC36507 LY2922470
  4. GC36185 GPR40 Activator 1
  5. GC35364 AP5
  6. GC35314 AMG 837 sodium salt An FFAR1 (GPR40) partial
  7. GC35313 AMG 837 calcium hydrate An FFAR1 (GPR40) partial
  8. GC34464 AM-4668
  9. GC32481 Vincamine A plant alkaloid with vasodilator effects
  10. GC31698 PBI-4050 sodium salt (Setogepram (sodium salt))
  11. GC31634 GPR40 Agonist 2
  12. GC31607 AM-1638
  13. GC31410 FAA1 agonist-1
  14. GC31389 GPR40 Activator 2
  15. GC19030 AMG 837 An FFAR1 (GPR40) partial
  16. GC18125 DC260126 An FFAR1 (GPR40) antagonist
  17. GC10922 TUG 424 A selective FFAR1 (GPR40) agonist
  18. GC16555 TAK-875 A selective FFAR1 (GPR40) agonist
  19. GC12401 GW9508 An agonist of GPR40
  20. GC16054 TUG-770 An agonist of FFA1/GPR40
  21. GC14027 GW-1100 A selective GPR40 antagonist

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