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Topoisomerase are enzymes that regulate the overwinding or underwinding of DNA.

  1. Cat.No. 产品名称 Information
  2. GC67990 RPR121056
  3. GC52455 Pixantrone-d8 (maleate) An internal standard for the quantification of pixantrone
  4. GC65939 Indimitecan
  5. GC65079 MC-DOXHZN hydrochloride A prodrug form of doxorubicin
  6. GC64465 SN-38-d3
  7. GC49804 Acridine An azaarene
  8. GC49760 SN-38 Glucuronide A phase II metabolite of irinotecan
  9. GC63354 Intoplicine dimesylate
  10. GC49308 Ungeremine A betaine-type alkaloid with diverse biological activities
  11. GC49134 Flumequine-13C3 An internal standard for the quantification of flumequine
  12. GC62425 ARN-21934
  13. GC62212 Dxd-D5
  14. GC62184 Exatecan D5 mesylate
  15. GC61965 Coralyne chloride
  16. GC61961 NHC-triphosphate tetrasodium
  17. GC61956 NHC-diphosphate
  18. GC61844 Merbarone
  19. GC61531 PluriSIn #2
  20. GC47098 CL2-SN-38 (dichloroacetic acid salt) An antibody-drug conjugate containing SN-38
  21. GC46880 ARN24139 A topoisomerase II poison
  22. GC61224 Pyrazoloacridine
  23. GC61130 NHC-triphosphate
  24. GC60873 Gimatecan
  25. GC60826 Etoposide phosphate
  26. GC60714 CL2A-SN-38 An antibody-drug conjugate containing SN-38
  27. GC60692 CH-0793076 TFA
  28. GC60669 Camptothecin-20(S)-O-propionate
  29. GC60374 Trovafloxacin A topoisomerase IV and DNA gyrase inhibitor
  30. GC60107 Chloroquinoxaline sulfonamide
  31. GC18620 EIDD-1931 A ribonucleoside analog with antiviral activity
  32. GC39699 Aurintricarboxylic acid A protein synthesis inhibitor with diverse biological activities
  33. GC39425 Proscillaridin A
  34. GC50105 CKD 602 Topoisomerase I inhibitor
  35. GC46113 CAY10744 A topoisomerase II-α poison
  36. GC45998 Mitoxantrone-d8 An internal standard for the quantification of mitoxantrone
  37. GC38774 DRF-1042
  38. GC45888 Topotecan-d6 An internal standard for the quantification of topotecan
  39. GC38511 Groenlandicine
  40. GC38194 (±)-10-Hydroxycamptothecin Hydroxy Camptothecine (10-Hydroxycamptothecin, Hydroxycamptothecine) is a cell-permeable powerful DNA topoisomerase I inhibitor. It has selective inhibitory effect on the phosphorylation of histone H1 and H3, but less effect on other histones.
  41. GC45367 9-Hydroxyellipticine (hydrochloride) An ellipticine derivative with diverse biological activities
  42. GC37571 Rubitecan

    A DNA topoisomerase I inhibitor

  43. GC36928 Pirarubicin Hydrochloride An anthracycline antitumor antibiotic
  44. GC36895 Phenoxodiol A phenol with anticancer activity
  45. GC36549 Mauritianin A flavonoid glycoside and DNA topoisomerase I inhibitor
  46. GC36329 Irinotecan hydrochloride A potent inhibitor of DNA topoisomerase I
  47. GC35997 Epirubicin An anthracycline antitumor antibiotic
  48. GC35973 Ellipticine hydrochloride A DNA-intercalating antitumor agent
  49. GC35497 Berberine chloride hydrate As isoquinoline alkaloid with diverse biological activities
  50. GC35238 Aclacinomycin A hydrochloride
  51. GC14858 Aldoxorubicin A prodrug form of doxorubicin

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