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Histone deacetylases (HDACs), known for their ability to target histones as well as more than 50 non-histone proteins, are classified into three major classes according to their homology to yeast proteins, including class I (HDAC1, HDAC2, HDAC3 and HDAC8), class II (HDAC4, HDAC5, HDAC7 and HDAC9) and class IV (HDAC11). HDAC inhibitors, a large group of compounds that is able to induce the accumulation of acetylated histones as well as non-histone proteins, are divided into several structural classes including hydroxamates, cyclic peptides, aliphatic acids and benzamides. HDAC inhibitors have been investigated for their efficacy as anticancer agents in the treatment of a wild range of cancers.

  1. Cat.No. 产品名称 Information
  2. GC25552 KT-531 KT-531 (KT531) is a potent, selective HDAC6 inhibitor with IC50 of 8.5 nM, displays 39-fold selectivity over other HDAC isoforms.
  3. GC25139 Biphenyl-4-sulfonyl chloride Biphenyl-4-sulfonyl chloride (p-Phenylbenzenesulfonyl, 4-Phenylbenzenesulfonyl, p-Biphenylsulfonyl) is a HDAC inhibitor with synthetic applications in palladium-catalyzed desulfitative C-arylation.
  4. GC67984 Alteminostat
  5. GC67674 CRA-026440 hydrochloride
  6. GC66055 5-Phenylpentan-2-one
  7. GC66052 HDAC-IN-40
  8. GC65965 MPT0E028
  9. GC65460 HDACs/mTOR Inhibitor 1
  10. GC65426 CM-675
  11. GC65330 AES-135
  12. GC65206 FT895
  13. GC64968 SW-100
  14. GC64959 JAK/HDAC-IN-1
  15. GC64942 CHDI-390576
  16. GC64761 Butyric acid-13C1
  17. GC64729 MPT0B390
  18. GC64684 SB-429201
  19. GC64378 Valproic acid-d6
  20. GC64191 Elevenostat
  21. GC63730 QTX125 TFA
  22. GC63703 Ivaltinostat formic
  23. GC62461 FNDR-20123
  24. GC62430 KA2507 KA2507, a potent, orally active and selective HDAC6 inhibitor with IC50 of 2.5 nM, shows antitumor activities and immune modulatory effects in preclinical models.
  25. GC62411 QTX125
  26. GC62374 KA2507 monohydrochloride KA2507, a potent, orally active and selective HDAC6 inhibitor with IC50 of 2.5 nM, shows antitumor activities and immune modulatory effects in preclinical models.
  27. GC62308 MPT0G211
  28. GC61947 Triciferol
  29. GC61029 Marein A glucoside chalcone with diverse biological activities
  30. GC60310 Psammaplin A
  31. GC39679 CG347B
  32. GC50322 BRD 9757 Potent and selective HDAC6 inhibitor
  33. GC39214 1-Naphthohydroxamic acid
  34. GC38742 BRD-6929 An HDAC1 and HDAC2 inhibitor
  35. GC45906 MC1742 An inhibitor of class I and class IIb HDACs
  36. GC45717 Chlamydocin An HDAC inhibitor
  37. GC38412 Crotonoside A guanosine analog with diverse biological activities
  38. GA20605 Ac-Lys-AMC Ac-Lys-AMC(己酰胺),也称为 MAL,是组蛋白去乙酰化酶 HDAC 的荧光底物。
  39. GA20481 Ac-Arg-Gly-Lys(Ac)-AMC Ac-Arg-Gly-Lys(Ac)-AMC 是 HDAC 的底物。
  40. GC37845 Tucidinostat An HDAC inhibitor
  41. GC37753 Tefinostat
  42. GC37643 SIS17 SIS17 is a mammalian histone deacetylase 11 (HDAC 11)-specific inhibitor with IC50 of 0.83 μM. SIS17 inhibits the demyristoylation of HDAC11 substrate, serine hydroxymethyl transferase 2, without inhibiting other HDACs.
  43. GC36905 PI3K/HDAC-IN-1
  44. GC36691 Nanatinostat
  45. GC36690 Nampt-IN-3
  46. GC35893 Domatinostat Domatinostat (4SC-202) is a selective class I HDAC inhibitor with IC50 of 1.20 μM, 1.12 μM, and 0.57 μM for HDAC1, HDAC2, and HDAC3, respectively. Also displays inhibitory activity against Lysine specific demethylase 1 (LSD1). Phase 1.
  47. GC35668 CG-200745
  48. GC35551 BRD 4354 ditrifluoroacetate
  49. GC41085 HDAC6 Inhibitor An inhibitor of HDAC6
  50. GC34629 J22352
  51. GC34458 ACY-1083

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