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SYBR Green qPCR Master Mix

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超级热启动SYBR Green qPCR Master Mix是一种现成的qPCR混合物。

SYBR Green qPCR Master Mix Chemical Structure

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1mL (100 rxns)
5mL (500 rxns)
10mL (1000 rxns)
25mL (2500 rxns)

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Sample solution is provided at 25 µL, 10mM.


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1. Prepare PCR reaction mixture

To obtain reliable quantitative PCR reaction results, it is recommended to run three replicates for each sample. The suggested template amount is 10 ng to 100 ng for genomic DNA or 1 ng to 10 ng for cDNA template.

Please prepare the PCR reaction solution according to the list below (All reagents should be placed on ice)

Reagent 10 μL 20 μL 50 μL Final con.
SYBR Master mix (2×) 5 μL 10 μL 25 μL
PCR Forward Primer (10 μM) 0.2 μL 0.4 μL 1 μL 0.2 μM
PCR Reverse Primer (10 μM) 0.2 μL 0.4 μL 1 μL 0.2 μM
Reference Dye (optional) 0.2 μL 0.4 μL 1 μL
DNA 1 μL 2 μL 4 μL
ddH2O 3.4 μL 6.8 μL 18 μL
Total 10 μL 20 μL 50 μL


a. 200 nM of primer final concentration is applicable for most cases. The concentration can be adjusted within 0.1~1.0 μM when amplification efficiency is not satisfactory.

b. Too much or too little template used may lead to inaccuracy of quantitative result. A range of 1-100 ng is recommended to result in a good Ct value (15<Ct<35). If template is stocked at high concentrations, dilute it prior to loading to prevent possible loading errors.

c. It is recommended that the amplicon length should be within the range of 100-500 bp, with 100-200 bp preferred.

d. For consistency within an experimental set, prepare a sufficient volume of reaction mix without template DNA for the DNA standard reactions and experimental sample reactions.

2. Perform quantitative PCR

Perform quantitative PCR using optimized cycling conditions. Provided below is a standard two-step program and three-step program.

Two-step PCR Program

Step 1 2 3
Hot-Start DNA Polymerase Activation PCR Melt Curve
HOLD 40 cycles 1 cycle
Denature Anneal/Extend
Temp. 95.0°C 95.0°C 60.0°C 95.0°C 60.0°C 95.0°C
Time 5-10 mins 15 secs 30-60 secs 15 secs 60 secs 15 secs
Volume 10 μL-50 μL 10 μL-50 μL

Three-step PCR Program

Step 1 2 3
Hot-Start DNA Polymerase Activation PCR Melt Curve
HOLD 40 cycles 1 cycle
Denature Anneal Extend
Temp. 95.0°C 95.0°C 50.0°C-60.0°C 72.0°C 95.0°C 60.0°C 95.0°C
Time 5-10 mins 15 secs 30 secs 30 secs 15 secs 60 secs 15 secs
Volume 10 μL-50 μL 10 μL-50 μL


a. Please note that the hot-start polymerase in this system needs to be activated at 95°C for 5 minutes prior to amplification.

b. If the amplicon sequence is GC-rich, the time for pre-denaturation/enzyme activation can be prolonged to 10 minutes.

c. Extension time may be adjusted according to the qPCR instruments used. For example, the extension time should be set to no less than 30 seconds when using ABI 7700 and 7900HT, 31 seconds when using ABI 7000 and 7300, 34 seconds when using ABI 7500.

3. Attention Points in Operation (Please Read Carefully)

a. Avoid repetitive freeze-thaw cycles to prevent polymerase activity from decreasing. Aliquot the mix into small batches for frequent usage.

b. Gently invert the tube upside down several times before use. DO NOT vortex. Brief centrifugation prior to use is recommended.

c. Keep the mix from bright light during storage and usage due to the fact that the fluorescent SYBR Green I dye may fade under light over time, resulting in a decrease in performance sensitivity.

d. Due to the high sensitivity nature of the qPCR reaction, contamination of air or aerosols may lead to reaction failure or result inaccuracy. Please set up the qPCR reaction in a clean environment using filtered tips, and sterilized tubes and pipette sets.

Instruments do not require ROX correction

Roche LightCycler 480, Roche LightCyler 96,Bio-rad iCyleriQ,iQ5,CFX96, etc.

Instruments require ROX I correction

ABl Prism7000/7300/7700/7900,EppendorfAB Step One/Step One Plus, etc.

Instruments require ROX II correction

ABl Prism7500/7500Fast,QuantStudio 3 System, QuantStudio 5 System, QuantStudio6 Flex

SystemQuantStudio7 Flex System, ViiA 7 systemStratagene Mx3000/Mx3005P Corbett Roton Gene 3000, etc.


The Super Hot-Start SYBR Green qPCR Master Mix is a ready-to-use qPCR cocktail. It contains a novel Taq DNA Polymerase, unique hot start reagents, optimized buffer, SYBR Green I, dNTPs, PCR Enhancer and PCR stabilizer. qPCR Master Mix is provided at 2× concentration and can be used at 1× concentration by adding template, primer, passive reference dye (optional) and ddH2O.

qPCR Master Mix can be directly used for robust and low-template quantitative PCR with high sensitivity, specificity and reliability. Two separate tubes of ROX Reference Dye are included for use with instruments that require a high or low level of reference dye for rectify the error of fluorescence signals between different wells.

超级热启动SYBR Green qPCR Master Mix是一种现成的qPCR混合物。它包含了一种新型Taq DNA聚合酶、独特的热启动试剂、优化缓冲液、SYBR Green I荧光染料、dNTPs核苷酸、PCR增强剂和PCR稳定剂。qPCR Master Mix提供2×浓度,可以通过添加模板、引物、被动参考染料(可选)和ddH2O来使用1×浓度。

qPCR Master Mix可以直接用于高灵敏度、高特异性和可靠性的强大低模板定量PCR。包含两个单独的ROX参考染料管,用于需要高或低水平参考染料来纠正不同孔之间荧光信号误差的仪器。


Components 1 mL (100 rxns) 5 mL (500 rxns) 25 mL (2500 rxns)
SYBR Green qPCR Master Mix (2×) 1 mL 1 mL × 5 1 mL × 25
ROX Reference Dye I (High) 40 μL 200 μL 1000 μL
ROX Reference Dye II (Low) 40 μL 200 μL 1000 μL
Contains hot-start DNA Polymerase, dNTPs, Mg2+, and SYBR Green I dye


应用&特点1. Dye-based quantitative PCR detection
2. Nucleic acid amplification and expression profiling
3. Quantitative genotyping studies
4. Genomics-related applications
运输方式Ship with blue ice.
储存条件Stored at -20°C protecting from light, and is stable for up to 18 months. Avoid repetitive freeze-thaw cycles while using. For immediate use, components may be stored at 2-8°C


1. Ready to use.
2. Optimized buffer enhances specificity and reduces primer-dimer formation.
3. High sensitivity, specificity and reliability.
4. Passive reference dyes are provided for different qPCR instruments.