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HBV (hepatitis B virus) is a double-strand DNA virus that belongs to the hepadaviridase famlity. It cause transient and acute liver infections which lead to cirrhosis and liver cancer. It is propagated through blood, sex and mother-fetus transmission.

  1. Cat.No. 产品名称 Information
  2. GC67328 2'-Deoxy-L-adenosine
  3. GC67195 Vidarabine phosphate
  4. GC65363 (1R)-Tenofovir amibufenamide
  5. GC64918 Tenofovir amibufenamide
  6. GC63421 Bersacapavir
  7. GC63250 Vebicorvir
  8. GC63021 Inarigivir ammonium
  9. GC63003 HBF-0259
  10. GC62658 PD-1/PD-L1-IN 7
  11. GC62328 HBV-IN-4
  12. GC61821 AT-130 An antiviral agent
  13. GC61455 IR415
  14. GC61339 Torcitabine
  15. GC60617 AZT triphosphate TEA
  16. GC60616 AZT triphosphate
  17. GC39348 Bifendate Bifendate, a synthetic intermediate of schisandrin C, is an anti-HBV drug used in Chinese medicine for the treatment of chronic hepatitis B.
  18. GC39196 4-Hydroxyacetophenone
  19. GC38982 Swertianolin
  20. GC38785 GLP-26
  21. GC38559 Taribavirin hydrochloride
  22. GC38517 Besifovir Besifovir is novel and potent acyclic nucleotide phosphonate used to treat hepatitis B virus (HBV) infection.
  23. GC37760 Tenofovir Disoproxil A prodrug of the antiviral tenofovir
  24. GC37740 Taribavirin
  25. GC36342 Isoscopoletin A coumarin with diverse biological activities and an active metabolite of scoparone
  26. GC36217 Hepatitis B Virus Core 128-140
  27. GC35454 BA-53038B
  28. GC42731 Adefovir An active metabolite of adefovir dipivoxil
  29. GC33932 RIG-1 modulator 1
  30. GC33912 4,5-Dicaffeoylquinic acid (Isochlorogenic acid C) A polyphenol with diverse biological activities
  31. GC32287 Lagociclovir (MIV-210)
  32. GC32197 Bay 41-4109 less active enantiomer (Bayer 41-4109 less active enantiomer)
  33. GC32193 RG7834 (RO 7020322)
  34. GC32144 Osalmid (Oxaphenamide) Osalmid suppresses ribonucleotide reductase (RNR) activity in a concentration-dependent manner, with a 50% RR activity-inhibitory concentration (IC50) of 8.23 μM.
  35. GC32115 Bay 41-4109 racemate An antiviral agent
  36. GC32104 Inarigivir (ORI-9020)
  37. GC32093 Entecavir (BMS200475)

    An antiviral nucleoside analog

  38. GC32073 Morphothiadin (GLS4) An antiviral agent
  39. GC32071 Squalamine (MSI-1256)
  40. GC32065 Bay 41-4109 (Bayer 41-4109)
  41. GC19208 JNJ-632 A modulator of HBV capsid assembly
  42. GC19014 AB-423 AB-423 是一种 HBV 衣壳组装抑制剂,有效抑制 HBV 复制,在细胞中的 EC50/EC90 为 0.08-0.27 μM/0.33-1.32 μM。
  43. GC18304 Bicyclol A hepatoprotective agent
  44. GC17997 Niranthin Niranthin,一种具有广泛药理活性的木脂素。
  45. GC13722 Helioxanthin 8-1 Helioxanthin 8-1 是 helioxanthin 的类似物,具有显着的体外抗 HBV/HCV/HSV-1/HIV 活性,EC50 为 >5/10/1.4/15 uM。
  46. GC12615 Helioxanthin derivative 5-4-2 Helioxanthin 衍生物 5-4-2 是 helioxanthin 的类似物,在 HepG2.2.15 细胞中表现出显着的体外抗 HBV 活性,EC50 为 0.08 uM。
  47. GC10418 Helioxanthin novel inhibitor of HBV, HCV and HSV-1 virus
  48. GC12635 Clevudine An antiviral nucleoside analog
  49. GC11689 Cetylpyridinium Chloride A quaternary ammonium with broad-spectrum antiseptic activities
  50. GC16841 Adefovir Dipivoxil An antiviral prodrug
  51. GC13522 Merimepodib An IMPDH inhibitor

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