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E3 Ligase(E3 连接酶)

E3 ligases perform the last step in the ubiquitination cascade. They transfer the ubiquitin from the active site cysteine of E2 enzyme to the substrate lysine or N terminus. The loss of function or mis-targeting of the E3 ligases are associated with various cancer types.

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  1. Cat.No. 产品名称 Information
  2. GC25019 5-amino-2,4-dimethylpyridine (5A-DMP) 5-amino-2,4-dimethylpyridine (5A-DMP) is a novel tandem Tudor domain (TTD)-binding compound that inhibits the full-length UHRF1:LIG1 interaction in Xenopus egg extracts
  3. GC50234 N106


    An activator of SERCA2A sumoylation
  4. GC44291 NAB 2 An inhibitor of α-synuclein-induced toxicity
  5. GC10940 PRT 4165


    An inhibitor of PRC1 ubiquitin ligases
  6. GC15492 SMER 3

    SCFMET30 Inhibitor, MET30 Antagonist

    A selective inhibitor of SCFMET30 ubiquitin E3 ligase
  7. GC11869 SZL P1-41 An inhibitor of Skp2
  8. GC15017 NSC 624206 An inhibitor of ubiquitin-activating enzyme (E1)

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