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Spleen Tyrosine Kinase (Syk)(脾酪氨酸激酶 (Syk))

Syk is a family of non-receptor cytoplasmic tyrosine kinases that plays a role in transmitting signals from a variety of cell surface receptors including CD74, Fc Receptor, and integrins.

  1. Cat.No. 产品名称 Information
  2. GC25787 PRT-060318 2HCl PRT-060318 (PRT318) is a novel selective inhibitor of the Syk tyrosine kinase with an IC50 of 4 nM, as an approach to HIT treatment.
  3. GC64889 GSK2646264
  4. GC64279 Sovleplenib
  5. GC63455 Cevidoplenib dimesylate
  6. GC63429 Cevidoplenib
  7. GC62592 Syk-IN-4
  8. GC62456 SRX3207 SRX3207 is an orally active dual inhibitor of Syk-PI3K with IC50 of 39.9 nM, 31200 nM, 3070 nM, 3070 nM, 244 nM, 388 nM, 9790 nM for Syk, Zap70, BRD41, BRD42, PI3K alpha, PI3K delta, PI3K gamma, respectively. SRX3207 blocks tumor immunosuppression and increases anti-tumor immunity.
  9. GC61942 Syk-IN-1
  10. GC38630 Lanraplenib succinate A Syk inhibitor
  11. GC37723 TAK-659 TAK-659 is a potent and selective inhibitor of spleen tyrosine kinase (SYK) with an IC50 value of 3.2 nM. It is selective against most other kinases, but potent toward both SYK and FLT3.
  12. GC36423 Lanraplenib A Syk inhibitor
  13. GC44978 Syk Inhibitor II A selective blocker of spleen tyrosine kinase activity
  14. GC33874 R112 A Syk inhibitor
  15. GC33041 Gusacitinib (ASN-002) A dual inhibitor of JAKs and Syk family kinases
  16. GC31819 PRT062607 (P505-15) A potent, orally bioavailable Syk inhibitor
  17. GC19344 TAK-659 hydrochloride TAK-659 hydrochloride 是一种高效、选择性、可逆和口服的脾酪氨酸激酶 (SYK) 和 fms 相关酪氨酸激酶 3 (FLT3) 双重抑制剂,对 SYK 和 FLT3 的 IC50 分别为 3.2 nM 和 4.6 nM。 TAK-659 hydrochloride 在肿瘤细胞中诱导细胞死亡,但在非肿瘤细胞中不诱导细胞死亡,并具有治疗慢性淋巴细胞白血病 (CLL) 的潜力。
  18. GC11321 PRT-060318 A potent and selective Syk inhibitor
  19. GC15466 RO9021 RO9021 是一种具有口服生物利用度的新型 ATP 竞争性 SYK 抑制剂,平均 IC50 为 5.6 nM。
  20. GC11209 Cerdulatinib (PRT062070) A dual inhibitor of Syk and JAKs
  21. GC16430 GS-9973 A selective spleen tyrosine kinase inhibitor
  22. GC11044 Fostamatinib (R788)

    Fostamatinib (R788) is the oral prodrug of the active compound R406, a relatively selective small molecule inhibitor of Syk .

  23. GC15709 R788 disodium hexahydrate Fostamatinib (R788) 二钠六水合物是活性化合物 R406 的口服前药。
  24. GC10048 MNS An inhibitor of Src, Syk, and platelet aggregation
  25. GC16796 R406 A potent and selective Syk inhibitor
  26. GC11811 R788 disodium A prodrug of a Syk inhibitor
  27. GC15658 R406(free base) A potent and selective Syk inhibitor
  28. GC10499 PRT062607 Hydrochloride PRT062607 Hydrochloride (P505-15 Hydrochloride) 是一种高度特异性和有效的纯化 Syk 抑制剂 (IC50 1-2 nM)。
  29. GC12136 BAY 61-3606 dihydrochloride BAY 61-3606 dihydrochloride 是一种可口服的、ATP 竞争性、可逆和高选择性的 Syk 抑制剂,Ki 为 7.5 nM,IC50 为 10 nM。
  30. GC16389 BAY 61-3606 A Syk inhibitor
  31. GN10503 Piceatannol

    Piceatannol (3,3′,4,5′-trans-trihydroxystilbene) is a naturally occurring hydroxylated analogue of resveratrol .

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