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Hh (Hedgehog) signalling is a evolutionarily conserved pathway that is critical for embryonic development, tissue and organ morphogenesis. Mammalian Hh protein ligands include Sonic Hh, Desert Hh and Indian Hh. Dysfunctions of Hh singalling lead to developmental abnormalities and cancer.

  1. Cat.No. 产品名称 Information
  2. GC66390 3-epi-Vitamin D3

    3-epi-Vitamin D3 (Epicholecalciferol) (Compound 4) 是维生素 D3 类似物,是一种 Hedgehog pathway 抑制剂,在U87MG 细胞中测定的 IC50 为 39.2 μM。

  3. GC64134 Hh-Ag1.5 Hh-Ag1.5 (SAg1.5) 是一种有效的 Hedgehog (Hh) 激动剂,EC50 为 1 nM。Hh-Ag1.5 介导的重编程打破了非损伤肝脏干细胞的静止状态,从而挽救了肝衰竭。
  4. GC49651 19-alkyne Cholesterol An alkyne derivative of cholesterol for click chemistry
  5. GC47570 Lipoxygenin An inhibitor of 5-LO
  6. GC47474 Itraconazole-d5 An internal standard for the quantification of itraconazole
  7. GC47435 HPI-1 (hydrate) A Hedgehog pathway inhibitor
  8. GC39359 Ciliobrevin D Ciliobrevin D (compound 5) is a cell-permeable, reversible and specific antagonist of AAA+ (ATPases associated with diverse cellular activities) ATPase motor cytoplasmic dynein. Ciliobrevin D perturbs primary cilia formation and blocks Hedgehog (Hh) signaling.
  9. GC37573 RU-SKI 43 An inhibitor of hedgehog acyltransferase
  10. GC45090 Triparanol An inhibitor of DHCR24
  11. GC44855 RU-SKI 43 (hydrochloride) An inhibitor of hedgehog acyltransferase
  12. GC44458 N-Palmitoyl-L-Aspartate A natural N-acylaspartate
  13. GC44321 Nat-20(S)-yne Nat-20(S)-OHC with a terminal alkyne group
  14. GC43809 Hedgehog Antagonist VIII An inhibitor of hedgehog pathway signaling
  15. GC43346 Cyclopamine-KAAD A potent inhibitor of hedgehog signaling
  16. GC18475 Robotnikinin A direct inhibitor of sonic hedgehog
  17. GC11217 CUR 61414 A potent inhibitor of hedgehog-induced activity
  18. GC17713 Oxy-16 A synthetic oxysterol
  19. GC13630 MK-4101 A Smoothened receptor antagonist
  20. GC12068 SAG An agonist of Smoothened
  21. GC15422 20(S)-Hydroxycholesterol An allosteric Smo agonist
  22. GC15284 U 18666A

    U18666A抑制3β羟基甾醇-Δ(24)还原酶 (DHCR24)活性,阻止胆固醇从晚期核内体和溶酶体外流。

  23. GC15889 SANT-1 An antagonist of Smoothened
  24. GC12429 AY 9944 dihydrochloride A cholesterol synthesis inhibitor
  25. GC14715 AZ 12080282 dihydrochloride 刺猬抑制剂
  26. GC11111 Jervine An inhibitor of the hedgehog signaling pathway
  27. GC11476 Ciliobrevin A A hedgehog pathway inhibitor
  28. GC11045 HPI 1 A Hedgehog pathway inhibitor
  29. GC11193 SANT-2 A Smoothened receptor antagonist
  30. GC15256 JK 184 An inhibitor of downstream hedgehog signaling
  31. GC15683 LY2940680 A Smo antagonist
  32. GC17153 CHIR-99021 (CT99021) HCl A selective GSK3 inhibitor
  33. GC13280 PF-5274857 PF-5274857 是一种有效的、选择性的、具有口服活性的脑渗透性 Smo 拮抗剂,IC50 为 5.8 nM,Ki 为 4.6 nM。 PF-5274857 具有研究肿瘤类型的潜力,包括由激活的 Hh 通路驱动的脑肿瘤和脑转移。
  34. GC13441 Cyclopamine An inhibitor of hedgehog signaling
  35. GC10359 GANT61 Antagonist of Gli transcription factors, involved in Hedgehog signaling
  36. GC15064 Purmorphamine Purmorphamine is the first small molecule agonist developed for Smoothened protein.
  37. GC16789 GANT 58 An inhibitor of Gli transcription
  38. GC10493 GDC-0449 (Vismodegib) GDC-0449 (Vismodegib) (GDC-0449) 是一种具有口服活性的hedgehog 通路抑制剂,IC50 为3 nM。 GDC-0449 (Vismodegib) 还抑制 P-gp、ABCG2,IC50 值分别为 3.0 μM 和 1.4 μM。

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