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BCRP(breast cancer resistance protein), also called ABCG2 (ATP-binding cassette subfamily G member 2) is expressed in MDR (multi-drug resistance) diverse cancer cells. It protects cell from toxic xenobiotic substance in intestine, biliary tract, placenta, blood-testis barrier and blood-brain barriers.

  1. Cat.No. 产品名称 Information
  2. GC33099 BCRP-IN-1
  3. GC17215 Elacridar An inhibitor of MRP-1 and BCRP
  4. GC36034 FD 12-9
  5. GC10874 Fumitremorgin C Inhibitor of BCRP multidrug transporter
  6. GC12711 Ko 143 Inhibitor of the multidrug transporter BCRP
  7. GC14688 KS 176 A selective BCRP inhibitor
  8. GC38129 ML753286
  9. GC18163 YHO-13177 YHO-13177 是一种有效的特异性 BCRP 抑制剂;增强了 SN-38 在癌细胞中的细胞毒性,并且对 MDR1 转导的人白血病 K562 细胞中 P-糖蛋白介导的紫杉醇抗性没有影响。
  10. GC32114 YHO-13351
  11. GC33056 YHO-13351 free base
  12. GC32593 Zamicastat (BIA 5-1058)

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