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  2. GC25935 Simufilam dihydrochloride

    PTI-125 dihydrochloride

    Simufilam (PTI-125) Dihydrochloride is a small molecule modulator that preferentially binds altered FLNA and restores its native conformation, restoring receptor and synaptic activities and reducing its α7nAChR/TLR4 associations and downstream pathologies.
  3. GC14420 Cytochalasin C


    An actin polymerization inhibitor and fungal metabolite
  4. GC12007 Cytochalasin H

    细胞松驰素H,17-Deoxo-21-acetylzygosporin D,Kodocytochalasin 1,Paspalin P1

    An inhibitor of actin polymerization
  5. GC15076 CK 869


    An inhibitor of the Arp2/3 complex
  6. GC12298 SMIFH2 An FH2 domain inhibitor
  7. GC14060 CK 666 An Arp2/3 inhibitor
  8. GC17502 Wiskostatin An inhibitor of N-WASP
  9. GC13440 Cytochalasin D

    细胞松弛素D; Zygosporin A; NSC 209835

    An inhibitor of actin polymerization

  10. GC14283 187-1, N-WASP inhibitor 187-1, N-WASP inhibitor 是一种 14-aa 环肽,是一种变构神经 Wiskott-Aldrich 综合征蛋白 (N-WASP) 抑制剂。
  11. GC15692 Phalloidin


    Phalloidin binds F-actin and stabilizes actin fibers.

  12. GC15671 Latrunculin A



  13. GC17312 Jasplakinolide

    NSC 613009

    A binder and modulator of F-actin

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