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Indoleamine 2,3-dioxygenase (IDO) is an enzyme catalyzing the oxidative degradation of L-tryptophan in the kynurenine pathway, in which the pyrrole ring of L-tryptophan is cleaved to generate N-formyl-kynurenine. Mature human IDO enzyme is a 45 kDa monomeric protein of 403 amino acids that is encoded by the IDO gene (15 kb with 10 exons). According to X-ray crystallographic analysis, the chemical structure of human IDO enzyme consists of two distinct α-helical domains (one small and one large) and a heme prosthetic group, where the heme is coordinated to the active site by a histidine (His) imidazole as the proximal fifth ligand.

  1. Cat.No. 产品名称 Information
  2. GC68133 Palmatine hydroxide
  3. GC67714 DP00477
  4. GC65895 IDO1-IN-19
  5. GC65499 IDO1/2-IN-1 hydrochloride
  6. GC64955 NLG802
  7. GC64060 Kushenol E
  8. GC62689 PROTAC IDO1 Degrader-1
  9. GC62496 BMS-986242
  10. GC61750 (Rac)-Indoximod
  11. GC60417 (S)-Indoximod An IDO inhibitor
  12. GC39127 Palmatine An alkaloid with diverse biological activities
  13. GC36295 IDO-IN-11
  14. GC36294 IDO/TDO-IN-1
  15. GC34623 IACS-8968 S-enantiomer
  16. GC34622 IACS-8968 R-enantiomer
  17. GC34621 IACS-8968
  18. GC34149 IDO-IN-6 (NLG-1486)
  19. GC34139 IDO-IN-8 (NLG-1487)
  20. GC34137 IDO-IN-5 (NLG-1489)
  21. GC33963 IDO-IN-12
  22. GC33671 GNF-PF-3777 (8-Nitrotryptanthrin) A tryptanthrin derivative with diverse biological activities
  23. GC33287 LY-3381916 An IDO1 inhibitor
  24. GC33191 IDO-IN-9
  25. GC33058 IDO-IN-3 An inhibitor of IDO1
  26. GC33012 IDO-IN-2 An IDO1 inhibitor
  27. GC32899 IDO-IN-4
  28. GC32879 PF-06840003 (EOS200271) An inhibitor of IDO-1
  29. GC19079 BMS-986205 BMS-986205 (BMS-986205) 是一种选择性和不可逆的吲哚胺 2,3-双加氧酶 1 (IDO1) 抑制剂,在 IDO1-HEK293 细胞中的 IC50 值为 1.1 nM。 BMS-986205 在晚期癌症中具有良好的药效学活性。
  30. GC13519 Navoximod Navoximod (GDC-0919; NLG-919) 是一种有效的 IDO(吲哚胺-(2,3)-双加氧酶)通路抑制剂,Ki/EC50 为 7 nM/75 nM。
  31. GC15833 Norharmane A co-mutagenic heterocyclic amine
  32. GC15876 IDO-IN-1 A potent IDO inhibitor
  33. GC17968 INCB-024360 An IDO1 inhibitor
  34. GC11066 Indoximod (NLG-8189) An inhibitor of indoleamine 2,3-dioxygenase
  35. GC15846 INCB024360 analogue A selective IDO1 inhibitor
  36. GC14425 IDO inhibitor 1 Indoleamine-2,3-dioxygenase inhibitor
  37. GC13912 NLG919 An IDO pathway inhibitor
  38. GC11008 Necrostatin-1

    A RIP1 kinase inhibitor

  39. GN10609 Coptisine Sulfate Coptisine Sulfate 是一种来自中国金线的生物碱,是一种高效的非竞争性 IDO 抑制剂,其 Ki 值为 5.8 μM,IC50 值为 6.3 μM。
  40. GN10414 Coptisine 黄连是一种来自中国金线的生物碱,是一种高效的非竞争性 IDO 抑制剂,其 Ki 值为 5.8 μM,IC50 值为 6.3 μM。
  41. GN10577 Coptisine chloride An isoquinoline alkaloid with diverse biological properties

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