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P-gp (P-glycoprotein) is a ATP-binding cassette transproters which overepxressed in multidrug-resistance cancer cells. It functions in pumping drug out of cell and lower intracellular drug concentration.

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  2. GC25405 Evodine Evodine, a natural product extracted from Evodiae fructus (EF), is a biomarker for quality assessment of EF in the Chinese Pharmacopoeia. Evodine is a potent P-gp inhibitor.
  3. GC10964 Estradiol 17-(β-D-Glucuronide) (sodium salt)

    Β雌二醇17-(Β-D-葡萄糖醛酸)钠盐,E217G,β-Estradiol 17-(β-D-Glucuronide),17β-Estradiol 17-(β-D-Glucuronide),17β-Oestradiol 17-(β-D-Glucuronide)

    Estradiol 17-(β-D-Glucuronide)是一种内源性雌激素代谢产物。.
  4. GC17065 Estradiol 3-(β-D-Glucuronide) (sodium salt)

    E23G,β-Estradiol 3-(β-D-Glucuronide),17β-Estradiol 3-(β-D-Glucuronide),17β-Oestradiol 3-(β-D-Glucuronide)

    An isomer of estradiol-(β-D-glucuronide)
  5. GC10391 Hypophyllanthin

    (7S,8S,9R)-9-(3,4-二甲氧基苯基)-6,7,8,9-四氢-4-甲氧基-7,8-双(甲氧基甲基)萘并[1,2-D]-1,3-二恶茂,NSC 619044

    A P-glycoprotein inhibitor
  6. GC15795 Rhodamine 123 (chloride)

    罗丹明123; RH-123; R-22420

    Rhodamine 123是一种细胞渗透性阳离子荧光探针,特异性识别线粒体膜电位,最大激发光/发射光为507/529nm

  7. GC13375 Dofequidar fumarate


    A quinoline derivative and inhibitor of multidrug resistance
  8. GC16609 LY335979 (Zosuquidar 3HCL)

    唑喹达三盐酸盐; RS 33295-198 trihydrochloride; LY-335979 trihydrochloride

    A modulator of P-gp
  9. GC16672 Zosuquidar

    (2R)-1-{4-[(1AR,6R,10BS)-1,1-二氟-1,1A,6,10B-四氢二苯并[A,E]环丙并[C]环庚烯-6-基]哌嗪-1-基}-3-(喹啉-5-基氧基)丙-2-醇,LY335979;LY 335979;LY-335979

    A modulator of P-gp
  10. GC10928 Tariquidar methanesulfonate, hydrate

    TARIQUIDAR二甲磺酸盐六水合物,XR 9576;XR-9576;XR9576

    A P-glycoprotein inhibitor
  11. GC15570 Tariquidar

    N-[2-[[4-[2-(6,7-二甲氧基-3,4-二氢-1H-异喹啉-2-基)乙基]苯基]氨基甲酰基]-4,5-二甲氧基苯基]喹啉-3-甲酰胺,XR9576, XR 9576, XR-9576,Tariquidar

    A P-glycoprotein inhibitor

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