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Ras belongs to a class of small GTPase and is involved in transmitting signals within cells.

  1. Cat.No. 产品名称 Information
  2. GC66473 ESI-08
  3. GC66020 ZINC69391
  4. GC66001 RBC10
  5. GC65904 KRAS G12C inhibitor 28
  6. GC65873 SOS1-IN-14
  7. GC65480 ARS-1323-alkyne
  8. GC65270 Digeranyl bisphosphonate
  9. GC65263 SOS1-IN-11
  10. GC65032 KRpep-2d TFA
  11. GC64964 MRTX-1257 A covalent inhibitor of K-RasG12C
  12. GC64784 GGTI-286 hydrochloride
  13. GC64723 Garsorasib
  14. GC64657 (E/Z)-ZINC09659342
  15. GC64558 KRA-533
  16. GC64510 GDC-6036 GDC-6036 is a KRAS G12C inhibitor that binds irreversibly to switch II pocket of KRAS G12C (when in the inactive GDP-bound state) thereby blocking GTP binding and activation.
  17. GC64452 MRTX-EX185
  18. GC64447 KRpep-2d KRpep-2d is a K-Ras(G12D) selective inhibitory cyclic peptide with selectivity against wild-type (WT) K-Ras and the K-Ras(G12C) mutant. The IC50 value is 1.6 nM.
  19. GC64442 KRAS G12C inhibitor 14
  20. GC64365 MRTX0902 MRTX0902 is a potent SOS1 inhibitor for therapeutic intervention of KRAS-driven cancers with an IC50 of 46 nM.
  21. GC64341 ASP2453 ASP2453, a potent, selective and covalent KRAS G12C inhibitor, inhibits the Son of Sevenless (SOS)-mediated interaction between KRAS G12C and Raf. ASP2453 is a potential therapeutic agent for KRAS G12C-mutated cancer.
  22. GC64216 GGTI-286
  23. GC63875 KRAS G12C inhibitor 15
  24. GC63647 Rasarfin
  25. GC63564 JDQ-443 JDQ443, a potent and selective, orally bioavailable covalent inhibitor of GDP-bound KRASG12C with an IC50 of 0.012 ?M for inhibition of c-Raf recruitment.
  26. GC63562 RM-018
  27. GC63079 MRTX1133 formic An inhibitor of K-RasG12D
  28. GC62699 MRTX1133 MRTX1133 是一种非共价、有效和选择性的 KRAS G12D 抑制剂。 MRTX1133 以最佳方式填充开关 II 口袋并延伸三个取代基以有利地与蛋白质相互作用,导致对 KRAS G12D 的估计 KD 为 0.2 pM。 MRTX1133 阻止 SOS1 催化的核苷酸交换和/或 KRAS G12D/GTP/RAF1 复合物的形成,从而抑制突变的 KRAS 依赖性信号转导。 MRTX1133 选择性抑制 KRAS G12D 突变体,但不抑制 KRAS 野生型肿瘤细胞。 MRTX1133 在细胞试验中具有个位数的纳摩尔活性,并且在含有 KRAS G12D 突变的肿瘤模型中具有显着的体内功效。
  29. GC62622 K-Ras G12C-IN-4
  30. GC62504 RAS/RAS-RAF-IN-1
  31. GC62494 RMC-0331
  32. GC62486 KRAS inhibitor-10
  33. GC62421 RAS inhibitor Abd-7
  34. GC62347 CMC2.24
  35. GC62238 Sotorasib Sotorasib (AMG510) is a potent KRAS G12C covalent inhibitor with potential antineoplastic activity.This AMG510 is a chiral compound.
  36. GC62227 KRAS G12D inhibitor 1
  37. GC61766 LC-2 LC-2 is a first PROTAC capable of degrading endogenous KRASG12C with DC50s between 0.25 μM and 0.76 μM. LC-2 covalently binds KRASG12C with a MRTX849 warhead and recruits the E3 ligase VHL, inducing rapid and sustained KRASG12C degradation leading to suppression of MAPK signaling.
  38. GC46893 Atranorin A depside lichen metabolite with diverse biological activities
  39. GC61076 MLS000532223 MLS000532223 is a high affinity, selective inhibitor of Rho family GTPases with EC50 ranging from 16 μM to 120 μM.
  40. GC60969 KRAS inhibitor-9
  41. GC60533 6H05 (TFA) An allosteric inhibitor of oncogenic K-Ras(G12C)
  42. GC39763 Z62954982
  43. GC50609 SAH-SOS1A SAH-SOS1A 是一种基于肽的 SOS1/KRAS 蛋白相互作用抑制剂。 SAH-SOS1A 以纳摩尔级亲和力 (EC50=106-175 nM) 与野生型和突变型 KRAS(G12D、G12V、G12C、G12S 和 Q61H)结合,直接且独立地阻断核苷酸结合,削弱 KRAS 驱动的癌细胞活力,并通过机制阻断 KRAS 下游的 ERK-MAPK 磷酸信号级联发挥其作用。
  44. GC38942 PROTAC K-Ras Degrader-1
  45. GC38898 CCG-222740 CCG-222740 is a Rho/MRTF pathway inhibitor. CCG-222740 decreases the activation of stellate cells in vitro and in vivo, by reducing the levels of alpha smooth muscle actin(α-SMA) expression.
  46. GC38400 MRTX849 A covalent inhibitor of K-RasG12C
  47. GC37973 ZT-12-037-01 ZT-12-037-01 is a specific and ATP-competitive STK19 inhibitor with IC50s of 23.96 nM and 27.94 nM for STK19 (WT) and STK19 (D89N), respectively. It displays extremely high kinase selectivity using KINOMEscan against a panel of 468 diverse kinases using an in vitro ATP-site competition binding assay at 1 μM.
  48. GC36901 PHT-7.3
  49. GC36599 Methylophiopogonanone B An isoflavone with diverse biological activities
  50. GC36400 K-Ras G12C-IN-3
  51. GC36399 K-Ras G12C-IN-2

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