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GPCR19(G 蛋白偶联受体19)

GPCR19 is a G protein-coupled receptor for bile acid. Activation of this receptor induces its internalization and the production of intreacelluar cAMP. It is Involved in the suppression of macrophage function and regulation of energy homeostasis.

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  1. Cat.No. 产品名称 Information
  2. GC46012 DY 268 An FXR antagonist
  3. GC36319 INT-777 R-enantiomer

    S-EMCA R enantiomer

    INT-777 R-enantiomer 是 INT-77 的 R 型异构体,对 TGR5 的 EC50 值为 4.79 μM,活性比 INT-777 低。
  4. GC40637 BAR501 A selective GP-BAR1 agonist
  5. GC34775 SBI-115 SBI-115是一种G蛋白胆汁酸偶联受体1(TGR5;GPCR19)拮抗剂。
  6. GC33768 Deoxycholic acid sodium salt (Sodium deoxycholate)

    脱氧胆酸钠; Sodium deoxycholate

    A secondary bile acid
  7. GC33762 Deoxycholic acid (Cholanoic Acid)

    去氧胆酸; Cholanoic Acid; Desoxycholic acid

    A secondary bile acid
  8. GC32742 INT-767 INT-767是法尼醇X受体/TGR5双激动剂,平均EC50分别为30和630nM。
  9. GC31370 SB756050 A TGR5 agonist
  10. GC30565 BAR502 A dual agonist of GP-BAR1 and FXR
  11. GC13681 INT-777


    An agonist of TGR5

  12. GC16363 TGR5 Receptor Agonist


    A TGR5 agonist
  13. GN10489 Hyodeoxycholic acid

    猪去氧胆酸; HDCA

    A secondary bile acid

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