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Cannabinoid Receptor(大麻素受体)

The cannabinoid receptor (CB1 and CB2) is a member of G-protein coupled receptor which plays a significant role in physiologic processes such as cognitive and immune functions.

  1. Cat.No. 产品名称 Information
  2. GC10907 (±)-SLV 319 A selective antagonist of CB1
  3. GC10028 (R)-SLV 319 The inactive enantiomer of SLV 319
  4. GC63410 (Rac)-MRI-1867
  5. GC10753 (S)-SLV 319 A selective antagonist of CB1
  6. GC16403 2-Arachidonoyl Glycerol Endogenous CB1 and CB2 receptor agonist
  7. GC16196 2-Palmitoylglycerol An endogenous fatty acid ester
  8. GC17100 4-Quinolone-3-Carboxamide CB2 Ligand An Analytical Reference Standard
  9. GC15850 4-Quinolone-3-Carboxamide Furan CB2 Agonist Selective CB2 agonist
  10. GC16480 AM 281 A CB1 receptor antagonist/inverse agonist
  11. GC62835 AM-6538
  12. GC15414 AM1241 A CB2 receptor agonist and inverse agonist
  13. GC15717 AM251 A CB1 receptor antagonist
  14. GC15093 AM4113 A CB1 receptor neutral antagonist
  15. GC10147 AM630 An inverse agonist at CB2 and partial agonist at CB1 receptors
  16. GC14661 AM6545 A peripherally restricted CB1 receptor antagonist
  17. GC35339 Anandamide An endogenous cannabinoid
  18. GC18435 Arachidonoyl 2'-Chloroethylamide A potent and selective CB1 receptor agonist
  19. GC16826 Arachidonoyl amide An AEA analog with similar biological activity
  20. GC18097 Arachidonoyl Serinol A CB1 receptor agonist
  21. GC11849 Arachidonyl serotonin An inhibitor of FAAH
  22. GC10205 Arvanil A structural analog of capsaicin with analgesic activity
  23. GC14115 AVE-1625 A potent CB1 receptor antagonist
  24. GC62855 AZD1940
  25. GC61778 BAY 38-7271
  26. GC19060 Bay 59-3074 A partial agonist of CB1 and CB2 receptors
  27. GC11376 BML-190 A CB2 receptor inverse agonist
  28. GC66030 CB1 agonist 1
  29. GC31306 CB1 antagonist 1
  30. GC30935 CB1-IN-1
  31. GC33756 CB2R-IN-1
  32. GC18110 COR 170 COR 170 (11u) 是一种选择性 CB2 反向激动剂,它是一种 4-喹诺酮-3-羧酸衍生物,对 CB2 受体的 Ki 值为 3.8 nM。
  33. GC17205 CP-945598 HCl A selective CB1 receptor antagonist
  34. GC50579 Ec2la Ec2la 是一种口服活性大麻素 2 型受体 (CB2Rs) 正变构调节剂。
  35. GC11760 GW842166X A CB2 receptor agonist
  36. GC17133 Hemopressin (human, mouse) Hemopressin 是一种衍生自血红蛋白 α1 链的九肽,最初是从大鼠脑匀浆中分离出来的。
  37. GC17116 Hemopressin (rat) Hemopressin (rat) 是一种衍生自血红蛋白 α1 链的九肽,最初是从大鼠脑匀浆中分离出来的。
  38. GC13660 JD5037 JD5037 是一种有效的 CB1R 拮抗剂,IC50 为 1.5 nM。
  39. GC16644 JTE 907 A selective CB2 receptor inverse agonist
  40. GC18496 Leelamine (hydrochloride) An inhibitor of pyruvate dehydrogenase kinase
  41. GC50273 LEI 101 hydrochloride Potent and selective CB2 partial agonist; orally biovailable
  42. GC12538 LH 21 Weak CB1 antagonist
  43. GC13318 LY 320135 A selective CB1 receptor antagonist
  44. GC19231 LY2828360 A selective CB2 receptor agonist
  45. GC12420 MAFP An inhibitor of MAGL, FAAH, cPLA2, and iPLA2
  46. GC15788 MJ 15 A potent CB1 receptor antagonist
  47. GC11453 ML-191 An antagonist of GPR55
  48. GC14626 MM-22 biotinylated anandamide analog acts as a probe for visualizing the accumulation and intracellular trafficking of anandamide
  49. GC14750 N-Arachidonylglycine A metabolite of anandamide with analgesic activity
  50. GC31536 N-Oleoyl glycine

    A putative substrate for peptidyl glycine α-amidating enzyme

  51. GC18041 NESS 0327 A potent CB1 receptor antagonist

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