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DNA Alkylating(DNA烷基化)

DNA alkylating is the transfer of alkyl groups to particular bases, resulting in alkylation products such as O2‐alkylthymine and O6‐methylguanine that lead to DNA mutations.

Products for  DNA Alkylating

  1. Cat.No. 产品名称 Information
  2. GC52129 3-Amino-5-hydroxybenzoic Acid


    A biosynthetic precursor to ansamycin antibiotics
  3. GC52076 Temozolomide Acid


    An active metabolite of temozolomide
  4. GC49470 1-Ethyl-1-nitrosourea (hydrate)

    ENU, Ethylnitrosourea, N-Ethyl-N-nitrosourea, N-Nitroso-N-ethylurea

    A DNA alkylating agent
  5. GC47167 Dacarbazine-d6

    达卡巴嗪-D6,Imidazole Carboxamide-d6

    An internal standard for the quantification of dacarbazine
  6. GC44348 N-desmethyl Bendamustine


    An active metabolite of bendamustine
  7. GC44251 MTIC

    替莫唑胺代谢物- MTIC

    A DNA alkylating agent
  8. GC44243 Monohydroxy Melphalan (hydrochloride)


    A DNA alkylating agent
  9. GC41384 K-TMZ A DNA alkylating agent
  10. GC18100 Illudin S


    A DNA alkylating agent
  11. GC15043 Trioxsalen

    三甲沙林; Trisoralen; Trioxysalen; TMP

    A UV-activated DNA crosslinking probe
  12. GC16158 Thio-TEPA


    An alkylating agent with anticancer activity
  13. GC15793 Carmustine


    A DNA alkylating agent
  14. GC13667 Temozolomide

    替莫唑胺; NSC 362856; CCRG 81045; TMZ

    Temozolomide is an oral activity alkylating agent that induces the formation of O6-methylguanine in DNA

  15. GC17865 Lomustine

    洛莫司汀; CCNU; NSC 79037

    A DNA alkylating agent
  16. GC13671 Busulfan


    An alkylating antineoplastic agent
  17. GC14564 Altretamine

    六甲蜜胺; ENT-50852; RB-1515; WR-95704

    An antineoplastic agent and GPX4 inhibitor
  18. GC14762 Palifosfamide

    帕利伐米,Isophosphoramide mustard;IPM;ZIO-201

    An active metabolite of ifosfamide

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