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  1. Cat.No. 产品名称 Information
  2. GC10385 3-Bromo-7-nitroindazole A potent inhibitor of nNOS
  3. GC13982 7-NINA non-selective NOS inhibitor
  4. GC12309 7-Nitroindazole A non-selective inhibitor of NOS isoforms
  5. GC14802 ARL 17477 dihydrochloride Selective nNOS inhibitor
  6. GC14965 Ethyl-L-NIO (hydrochloride) A modestly selective NOS inhibitor
  7. GC16656 L-Canavanine sulfate L-Canavanine硫酸盐是诱导型NO合酶的选择性抑制剂。
  8. GA11233 L-NAME hydrochloride

    L-NAME hydrochloride 抑制 NOS,IC50 为 70 μM。 L-NAME 是 NOS 抑制剂 L-NOARG 的前体,其 IC50 值为 1.4 μM。

  9. GC10281 L-NIO (hydrochloride) A non-selective inhibitor of all NOS isoforms
  10. GC11163 L-NMMA (citrate) A non-selective NOS inhibitor
  11. GC16926 L-NMMA acetate A non-selective NOS inhibitor
  12. GC15360 Methyl-L-NIO (hydrochloride) A nitric oxide synthase inhibitor
  13. GC11609 Nω-Propyl-L-arginine hydrochloride neuronal nitric oxide synthase (nNOS) inhibitor
  14. GC15316 NG-amino-L-Arginine (hydrochloride) Inhibitor of NOS enzymes
  15. GC52473 NVP-AAM077 An NMDA receptor antagonist
  16. GC44773 PTIO A spin trap for nitric oxide
  17. GC10851 S-ethyl N-[4-(trifluoromethyl)phenyl] Isothiourea (hydrochloride) A selective, competitive inhibitor of nNOS
  18. GC13214 S-methyl-L-Thiocitrulline (hydrochloride) A potent NOS inhibitor
  19. GC12567 TRIM An inhibitor of nNOS and iNOS
  20. GC12928 Vinyl-L-NIO (hydrochloride) A potent, selective nNOS inhibitor
  21. GC11323 α-Guanidinoglutaric Acid An inhibitor of nNOS

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