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eNOS (endothelin nictric oxide synthase) oxidizes guanidine nitrogen of argenine and generates nitric oxide as free radical and L-citrullline. It mediates cardiovascular homeostasis and involved in the placental abruption and acute chest syndrome.

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  2. GC45693 1-Palmitoyl-d9-2-hydroxy-sn-glycero-3-PC An internal standard for the quantification of 1-palmitoyl-2-hydroxy-sn-glycero-3-PC
  3. GC44773 PTIO A spin trap for nitric oxide
  4. GC17237 NG,NG-dimethyl-L-Arginine (hydrochloride) An endogenous NOS inhibitor
  5. GC12867 L-NIO dihydrochloride L-NIO dihydrochloride 是一种有效、非选择性和 NADPH 依赖性一氧化氮合酶 (NOS) 抑制剂,对神经元 (nNOS)、内皮细胞 (eNOS) 和诱导型 (iNOS) 的 Kis 分别为 1.7、3.9、3.9 μM 。

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