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Tumor Microenvironment(肿瘤微环境)

  1. Cat.No. 产品名称 Information
  2. GC18787 (±)-Dunnione A naphthoquinone with diverse biological activities
  3. GC40947 2,3-Dimethoxy-5-methyl-p-benzoquinone An intermediate in the synthesis of ubiquinones that has anticancer activity
  4. GC48943 2-deoxy-2-fluoro-D-Glucose A glucose derivative with anticancer activity
  5. GC49223 2-deoxy-D-Glucose-13C6 An internal standard for the quantification of 2-deoxy-D-glucose
  6. GC41310 5-Octyl-α-ketoglutarate A cell-permeable form of α-ketoglutarate
  7. GC41642 9(E),11(E),13(E)-Octadecatrienoic Acid A polyunsaturated fatty acid
  8. GC18449 Cardanol monoene An inhibitor of tyrosinase with anticancer properties
  9. GC43204 CAY10730 A turn-on fluorescent probe to detect hypoxia
  10. GC45404 CAY10736 An anticancer compound
  11. GC49557 Cu-GTSM A copper-containing compound with diverse biological activities
  12. GC47137 Cy5-SE (triethylamine salt) An amine-reactive fluorescent probe
  13. GC43361 Cytostatin (sodium salt) A selective PP2A inhibitor
  14. GC47297 EP4 Receptor Antagonist 1 An EP4 receptor antagonist
  15. GC43727 Ganglioside GD1a mixture (sodium salt) A mixture of ganglioside GD1a
  16. GC52190 Imidazole Ketone Erastin A ferroptosis inducer
  17. GC41645 Jacaric Acid A conjugated PUFA
  18. GC48989 LTX-315 (trifluoroacetate salt) A synthetic cationic amphiphilic peptide
  19. GC46031 Malabaricone B A diarylnonanoid with diverse biological activities
  20. GC49241 Methyl Diethyldithiocarbamate An active metabolite of disulfiram
  21. GC48335 N-glycolyl-Ganglioside GM3 Mixture (ammonium salt) A mixture of N-glycolyl-ganglioside GM3
  22. GC49024 Palmitic Acid MaxSpec® Standard A long-chain saturated fatty acid
  23. GC49023 Palmitic Acid-d9 MaxSpec® Standard A quantitative analytical standard guaranteed to meet MaxSpec identity, purity, stability, and concentration specifications
  24. GC48493 PCI 45227 An active metabolite of ibrutinib
  25. GC47965 Pomalidomide-d5 An internal standard for the quantification of pomalidomide
  26. GC41572 PRLX-93936 An erastin analog with antitumor activity
  27. GC49914 Pt(II)-NHC Complex 2C An inducer of immunogenic cancer cell death
  28. GC45798 Rhein-13C4 An internal standard for the quantification of rhein
  29. GC49190 Roxadustat-d5 An internal standard for the quantification of roxadustat
  30. GC41342 Terrecyclic Acid A sesquiterpene
  31. GC49062 Tiopronin-d3 An internal standard for the quantification of tiopronin

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