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  2. GP22800 ATP1B1 Human ATPase Transporting Beta 1 Human Recombinant
  3. GP22801 ATP1B1 Human, Sf9 ATPase Transporting Beta 1 Human Recombinant, Sf9
  4. GP22802 ATP1B2 Human ATPaseTransporting Beta 2 Human Recombinant
  5. GP22803 ATP1B2 Human, Sf9 ATPase Transporting Beta 2 Human Recombinant, Sf9
  6. GP22804 ATP1B3 Human ATPaseTransporting Beta 3 Human Recombinant
  7. GP22808 ATP6AP2 Human ATPase Transporting Lysosomal Accessory Protein 2 Human Recombinant
  8. GP22809 ATP6V1F Human ATPase Transporting, Lysosomal V1 Subunit F Human Recombinant
  9. GP22799 ATPIF1 Human ATPase Inhibitory Factor 1 Human Recombinant
  10. GC25991 tetrathiomolybdate Tetrathiomolybdate (TM) is used in the clinic for the treatment of Wilson's disease by inducing dimerization of the metal-binding domain of the cellular copper efflux protein ATP7B (WLN4) through a unique sulfur-bridged Mo2S6O2 cluster.

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