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Peptide Coupling Reagents(肽偶联试剂)

  1. Cat.No. 产品名称 Information
  2. GA11026 BOP reagent Peptide coupling reagent
  3. GA10684 BOP-Cl Reagent for activating the carboxylic group, synthesis of amides 1,2; Esters 3; Peptides 4
  4. GA10168 CDI (1,1′-Carbonyldiimidazole) Coupling agent for synthesis of dipolar polyamides
  5. GA10155 Cl-HOBt Reagent to suppress racemization in peptide coupling, which is not toxic.
  6. GA10367 DCC

    It used as dehydrating agent, or the synthesis of acid anhydride, aldehyde, ketone, isocyanate.

  7. GA10228 DEPBT DEPBT
  8. GA11126 EDC.HCl EDC.HCl 是一种碳二亚胺试剂,可以形成核酸和具有酰胺键的化合物。
  9. GA10316 HATU used in peptide coupling chemistry
  10. GA10406 HBTU Peptide coupling reagent
  11. GA10910 HCTU HCTU
  12. GA10098 HOAt 肽合成中无外消旋偶联的偶联激活剂
  13. GA10633 HOBt (anhydrous) Racemization inhibitor
  14. GA11198 HOOBt


  15. GA10267 PyAOP PyAOP
  16. GA11178 PyBOP 肽偶联剂
  17. GA10696 PyBrOP PyBrOP
  18. GA10065 TATU TATU
  19. GA10095 TBTU 肽偶联剂
  20. GA11162 TCFH TCFH
  21. GA10491 TDBTU TDBTU
  22. GA10470 TOTU TOTU
  23. GA10616 TPTU TPTU
  24. GA11019 TSTU TSTU

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