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β-Amyloid (1-42), (rat/mouse) (TFA) Sale

(Synonyms: Amyloid β-peptide (1-42) (rat/mouse) TFA) 目录号 : GC63274

β-Amyloid (1-42), (rat/mouse) TFA 是由 42 个氨基酸组成的多肽,对海马切片有毒性,可用于阿尔兹海默症的研究。

β-Amyloid (1-42), (rat/mouse) (TFA) Chemical Structure

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β-Amyloid (1-42), (rat/mouse) TFA is a 42-aa peptide, shows cytotoxic effect on acute hippocampal slices, and used in the research of Alzheimer’s disease.

β-Amyloid Aggregation Guidelines (Following is our recommended protocol. This protocol only provides a guideline, and should be modified according to your specific needs). 1. Solid Aβ peptide was dissolved in cold hexafluoro-2-propanol (HFIP). The peptide was incubated at room temperature for at least 1h to establish monomerization and randomization of structure. 2. The HFIP was removed by evaporation, and the resulting peptide was stored as a film at -20 or -80 ℃. 3. The resulting film was dissolved in anhydrous DMSO at 5 mM and then diluted into the appropriate concentration and buffer (serum- and phenol red-free culture medium) with vortexing. 4. Next, the solution was aged 48h at 4-8 ℃. The sample was then centrifuged at 14000g for 10 min at 4-8 ℃; the soluble oligomers were in the supernatant. The supernatant was diluted 10-200-fold for experiments. Methods vary depends on the downstream applications.

[1]. Mozes E, et al. A novel method for the rapid determination of beta-amyloid toxicity on acute hippocampal slices using MTT and LDH assays. Brain Res Bull. 2012 Apr 10;87(6):521-5.
[2]. Lagunes T, et al. Abeta(1-42) induces abnormal alternative splicing of tau exons 2/3 in NGF-induced PC12 cells. An Acad Bras Cienc. 2014 Dec;86(4):1927-34.
[3]. Stefania Sabella, et al. Capillary electrophoresis studies on the aggregation process of beta-amyloid 1-42 and 1-40 peptides. Electrophoresis. 2004 Oct;25(18-19):3186-94.

Chemical Properties

Cas No. SDF
别名 Amyloid β-peptide (1-42) (rat/mouse) TFA
分子式 C199H307N53O59S.C2HF3O2 分子量 4532.04
溶解度 DMSO : 55 mg/mL (12.14 mM; Need ultrasonic) 储存条件 Store at -20°C
General tips 请根据产品在不同溶剂中的溶解度选择合适的溶剂配制储备液;一旦配成溶液,请分装保存,避免反复冻融造成的产品失效。
储备液的保存方式和期限:-80°C 储存时,请在 6 个月内使用,-20°C 储存时,请在 1 个月内使用。
Shipping Condition 评估样品解决方案:配备蓝冰进行发货。所有其他可用尺寸:配备RT,或根据请求配备蓝冰。


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