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Axl is a receptor tyrosine kinase that transduces signals from the extracellular matrix into the cytoplasm and takes part in the stimulation of cell proliferation.

  1. Cat.No. 产品名称 Information
  2. GC14218 TP-0903 An Axl kinase inhibitor
  3. GC14241 LDC1267 A TAM family kinase inhibitor
  4. GC13500 UNC2881 A Mer kinase inhibitor
  5. GC17618 R428

    R428, as a Axl inhibitor, blocks Axl autophosphorylation on its C-terminal docking site, Tyr821, at nanomolar concentrations[1].

  6. GC14214 BMS-777607 A Met kinase family inhibitor
  7. GC15779 Cabozantinib (XL184, BMS-907351) A VEGFR2 inhibitor

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