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Squalene epoxidase(角鲨烯环氧酶)

Squalene expoxidase is a rate-limiting that catalyzes the initial oxygenation step in the biosynthesis of sterol. It is a drug target for tinea and hypocholesterolemia.

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  2. GC15686 NB-598 hydrochloride

    NB 598 hydrochloride;NB598 hydrochloride

    NB-598 hydrochloride 是一种有效的竞争性角鲨烯环氧酶 (SE) 抑制剂,通过法尼醇途径抑制甘油三酯的生物合成。
  3. GC17028 NB-598 Maleate

    NB-598马来酸盐,NB598 Maleate;NB 598 Maleate

    NB-598 Maleate 是一种有效的竞争性角鲨烯环氧酶 (SE) 抑制剂,通过法尼醇途径抑制甘油三酯的生物合成。
  4. GC18023 NB-598 Maleate salt

    NB 598 Maleate salt;NB598 Maleate salt

    SE inhibitor
  5. GC14576 Terbinafine HCl

    盐酸特比萘芬; TDT 067 hydrochloride

    A broad-spectrum antifungal agent

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