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Fatty Acid Synthase (FAS) is a multifunctional homodimeric enzyme protein, and it is the major enzyme required for the anabolic conversion of dietary carbohydrates to fatty acids. Fatty acid synthase catalyzes the conversion of acetyl-CoA and malonyl-CoA, in the presence of NADPH, into long-chain saturated fatty acids.

Human fatty acid synthase is a large homodimeric multifunctional enzyme that synthesizes palmitic acid. The unique carboxyl terminal thioesterase domain of fatty acid synthase hydrolyzes the growing fatty acid chain and plays a critical role in regulating the chain length of fatty acid released. Also, the up-regulation of human fatty acid synthase in a variety of cancer makes the thioesterase a candidate target for therapeutic treatment.

Fatty acid synthase of animal tissues is a complex multifunctional enzyme consisting of two identical monomers.

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  2. GC15572 (+)-trans-C75 An enantiomer of a FASN inhibitor
  3. GC16184 (-)-trans-C75 An enantiomer of a FASN inhibitor
  4. GN10632 Betulin An inhibitor of SREBP-driven cholesterol biosynthesis
  5. GC34065 C75

    C75 是一种脂肪酸合成酶 (FASN/FAS) 抑制剂,IC50为15.53 μM,在多种癌症模型中具有潜在的治疗作用。C75也是一种有效的CPT1A激活剂。

  6. GC14025 Cerulenin A fungal metabolite with diverse biological activities
  7. GC38221 Desoxyrhaponticin Desoxyrhaponticin (DC, DES), a stilbene glycoside from Rheum tanguticum Maxim. ex Balf. (rhubarb) which is a traditional Chinese nutritional food, is a fatty acid synthase (FAS/FASN) inhibitor. Desoxyrhaponticin (DC, DES) is also a competitive inhibitor of glucose uptake with IC50 of 148.3 μM and 30.9 μM in rabbit intestinal membrane vesicles and in rat everted gut sleeves, respectively. Desoxyrhaponticin has apoptotic effect on human cancer cells.
  8. GC38535 Dihydrocurcumin Dihydrocurcumin 是姜黄素的主要代谢物,可以减少脂质堆积和氧化应激。Dihydrocurcumin 可调节 SREBP-1C,PNPLA3 和 PPARα 的 mRNA 和蛋白水平,增加 pAKT 和 PI3K 的蛋白表达水平,通过 Nrf2 信号通路减少细胞胞内 NO 和 ROS 的含量。
  9. GP26019 FAS Human, Sf9 FAS Human Recombinant produced in Baculovirus is a single glycosylated polypeptide chain containing 156 amino acids (26-173 aa) and having a molecular mass of 17
  10. GC31406 FAS-IN-1 FAS-IN-1 是一种有效的脂肪酸合酶 (FASN) 抑制剂,IC50 为 10 nM(WO2012064642A1,化合物 29)。
  11. GC34311 FAS-IN-1 Tosylate FAS-IN-1tosylate是高效的脂肪酸合酶FAS抑制剂,来自专利WO2012064642A1化合物实例29。IC50值为10nM。
  12. GC33398 FASN inhibitor 1 FASN inhibitor 1 是一种脂肪酸合酶 (FASN) 抑制剂,提取自专利 US20170119786A1,化合物 242A。
  13. GC34584 FASN-IN-1 FASN-IN-1是一种脂肪酸合成酶(FASN)抑制剂,详细信息请参考专利WO2015134790A1,化合物56。
  14. GC36030 FASN-IN-2 A FASN inhibitor
  15. GC36031 Fatostatin

    An inhibitor of SREBP activation

  16. GC18121 Fatostatin A hydrobromide An inhibitor of SREBP activation
  17. GC31323 FGH10019


  18. GC33374 HS79 HS-79是Fasnall的一种对映体,Fasnall是一种选择性脂肪酸合酶(FASN)抑制剂。HS-79能够抑制氚化乙酸盐掺入脂质中,IC50为1.57μM。
  19. GC33346 HS80 HS-80是Fasnall的一种对映体,Fasnall是一种选择性脂肪酸合酶(FASN)抑制剂。HS-80能够抑制氚化乙酸盐掺入脂质中,IC50为7.13μM。
  20. GC14316 ML-356 A selective inhibitor of FASN-TE
  21. GC36736 Nicodicosapent Nicodicosapent 是一种脂肪酸烟酸共轭体,可以抑制固醇调节元件结合蛋白 (SREBP) 的活性,调节胆固醇代谢的蛋白质如 PCSK9,HMG-CoA reductase,ATP citrate lyase 和 NPC1L1 等的活性。
  22. GC17318 Orlistat

    Orlistat is an irreversible inhibitor of lipases in the pancreas and stomach.

  23. GN10392 Praeruptorin B Praeruptorin B 是甾醇调节元件结合蛋白 (SREBPs) 的抑制剂。
  24. GC38839 Pseudoprotodioscin A steroidal saponin with diverse biological activities
  25. GC38710 TVB-3166 A FASN inhibitor
  26. GC15091 UCM05 A fatty acid synthase inhibitor

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